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TBT: Paolo Bediones a.k.a. Porno Videones circa 2001 in more decent times.

Drool, Pant, Wet


IMG_1408 copy

He is a familiar face in the personality contest circuit. Twenty-year-old student AJ Cruz is quite cute and beefy in some ways. Expect to see more of him next season when the sexy guys hop from one bikini open to another with the hope of getting reasonable deals in their modeling and showbiz careers.

Jakey copy Bench Body boy forever: Jake Cuenca

I guess we should all try…


Victor Basa‘s plump and tight derrière. This underwear statement thing could be an express invitation.


It surely is hot seeing a full-grown man with a handsome mug, in his briefs, sexy and sweaty you could almost smell the strong scent from his bod. Victor knows how to tease, really.



Are male models these days more daring than their counterparts years ago? Like, for example, Art Natividad  who struts his stiff, er, stuff in front of the cameras. Sans qualms and apprehension, he wears close-fitting underthings. Which, of course, makes us a wee bit happy to see some shapes and forms and sizes down South.

GeraldshortsBest legs: Gerald Anderson in skanky shorts.

Sexy Fighter


Unconventional, yes, but the newest underwear model in town is mixed martial arts champion Mark Striegl! The Filipino-American hunk signed up for Guitar underwear to be one of the endorsers of the local brand. Well-defined torso. Strong, sexy mug. Legs like steel. Daring. Do you find him hot?

Shooting Allen Molina

IMG_9201 copy

Shooting Allen Molina is such a breeze. No fancy costumes, no crazy poses. Just a bikini. Add in some pecs and abs and a bit of bump. Allen is really the ultimate bikini boy this side of town. No, he is the king of  competitions that involve tiny underwear and large distentions!

The return of the grandpa underpants


Who’s afraid of the grandpa underwear? Huge pair of white, fine rib underpants. Crotch snuggled happily in dem soft fabric. Unsexy, maybe. And then again it’s comfy and cushy, as against the bikinis and thongs and whatever butt floss underthings out there. Model: bikini boy Jhon Mark Marcia.

ImagePit lovers rejoice!

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