Andrew Wolff checks if he is cut ….

…. out to be a student. When Andrew Wolff came back from the UK [where his family is based] in March 2007, he declared during the press conference for a glutathione product that the reason his father allowed him to go home to Manila was his plan to finish school. He proudly stated in one news report that his studies will be “his top priority” and that he can “give up modeling if needed.” He even confided to the movie press then that he wasn’t “too keen on a career in showbusiness.” Now, it looks like showbiz and modeling still top Andrew Wolff’s to-do list in Manila. Reports have it that he is entering the Big Brother house soon – enough to disrupt the placid lives of the other model-housemates who entered the big house last weekend.

Zanjoe Marudo tv ad launched today

If my sources in the ad agency are quite precise with the dope, Zanjoe Marudo’s tv commercial will be released today, synchronically in all tv stations. It’s a soda commercial for this lanky 24-year old underwear-model-turned-comedian. Zanjoe Marudo, who shot to fame in Big Brother [Celebrity Edition] has a tremendous following among the Great Unwashed. Probably this could be due to the fact that they have identified or empathized with his oafish and unpolished ways [inside the Big Brother house, his boorish manners often got Big Brother’s ire and attention]. Regardless of such, Zanjoe Marudo has gone a long way from a struggling model to an actor and product endorser.

Bruce Quebral goes to Slovenian Big Brother

The local edition of Big Brother recently announced on the show that on 19 April, “Basketball Hunk” Bruce Quebral will board a plane to Slovenia and room in with that country’s BB edition. Bruce, who knows nothing about the swap until he boards the plane, will be in Slovenia for a week. Methinks that would be awfully traumatic; imagine, of all horrors, being told that you will be thrown into where-the-heck-is-Slovenia when you are already on the airplane! According to the Slovenian Big Brother management, they selected Bruce for the inter-country swap [one Slovenian girl, Tina, will join Pinoy Big Brother] because of his good looks as there are not enough handsome guys in the BB house. Here’s hoping a more liberal Slovenian house will show Bruce in more ways we can imagine.
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