It has been a week since that ↑ photo of Ahron popped out of the air. Well, something came out alright, while he’s up in the air. While we can never be sure about its authenticity, Ahron’s dick cred just went up our meter. Here he is for throwback Thursday promoting Walker underwear.

Speaking of Walker, indie actor Eugene Tejada once modeled the same style as Ahron’s boxer briefs. Did he measure up to Ahron’s, uh. proportions?

The Year That Was: Indie Boys

Did you watch a gay indie movie this year? Although no one came close to the daring feat of one Marco Morales, a few boys stood out [and hard] from the dime-a-dozen pack. Some were coy. Others showed some balls, literally. A few went to great lengths, flashing their members. Of course, most of them showed their butts – all plump and juicy. Who was your favorite indie boy in 2011?


Lots of Eugene Tejada pics, too. Remember the guy from his wet look days? Now, he’s the other half in the new movie Kubli, with Johnron Tanada. That’s right, Eugene‘s making the leap to the movies and he’s wearing his favorite wet white briefs! Catch him on premiere night of Kubli on 15 August 2011 [Monday] 8 p.m. at the UP Film Institute, UP Diliman, Quezon City. For tickets [Php 200 each] call or text 0920.982 7113 [Rey Pancho].


It’s bashful Eugene Tejada on a moody Morning morning! Twenty-one-year-old Eugene seems to be the runaway winner in the polls for Hot Hunk 2010. Find out why, once you get a copy of BIKINI TV: HOT HUNKS 2010. The DVD and VCD copies are available at AstroVision, SM Records Bars and other department stores nationwide.

Hot Hunk: Eugene

Why is everyone voting for Eugene Tejada? He’s practically a newbie in the bikini contest arena. Eugene is 21 years old and stands 5’10”. To know more about Eugene, buy BIKINI TV: HOT HUNKS 2010, which is now available at AstroVision, SM Records Bars and other department stores nationwide. The DVD costs Php 350 while VCD is at Php 250 each. Is he Mr. Big?