Misters of the Phils

boysOn Monday, we get a serving of two cute little model boys. You’ve met Patrick Magtanong (left) and Arcel Yambing before in various VPL poses. They’re now contestants in a “personality” contest called Misters of the Philippines or something, I thinks it’s that one where the policeman won last year. The point of this post is I’m betting on these boys so that they can go abroad and compete and come back with more model cred for the runways. Sounds like a good plan, right?

This is our youth


A new model boy in town is always a breath of fresh air. In this case, we take a whiff of the sweet smelling air around Fil-Swede model Patrik Franksson. Patrik first played for the Laos Football Club (based in Manila) in the United Football League Division 2.

AlbieAlbie Casino or Mr. Stallion, as he would like to call himself these days in apparent reference to his much-vaunted but unconfirmed giant member, teases and pleases once again with this wet pit shot. It is more than enough, for now.

ael nayveI’ll say the magic words: varsity basketball player. Ael Nayve makes an appearance in this site because – (1) he’s shirtless; (2) cute; and (3) plays college hoops for the DLS-CSB Blazers. If there’s any consolation in this post, he’s definitely rockin’ with his bod and that promise of a bulge down there.


PatrickMagtanong1 copy

In such a very short time, our featured boy-hunk in underwear is back again after his photo was posted here days ago. Despite that itsy-bitsy period from the time of his last feature, it is still worth highlighting Patrick Magtanong of Pampanga in all his small-and-tight-underwear glory.  In case that torso looks familiar, it’s because Patrick’s frame was used in the boxes for Dickies underwear.



PatrickAre you a fan of K-Pop, where the boys do complicated dance moves and smile and wink while wearing shiny white clothes, and then everyone goes bonkers over them?  Aaah, the appeal of the K-Pop cute boys! To those who are awfully partial to Korean-looking guys with great pecs, washboard abs and a bubblebutt, here’s Patrick Santos Magtanong. Patrick, from Pampanga, is such a K-Pop dream, don’t you think so?