Yellow is the color

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Remember Markki’s gauzy yellow underwear, which he wore for the Bench Body ads a few months back? Well, it’s in the stores already! The undergarment is actually light and flimsy, you can see the shape and size of the penis of catalog model Hans Weiser. Too bad Markki donned his briefs with a cup (see the photo). Maybe he can do a re-shoot?

Man Friday

NikkoToday’s post would have to be inspirational, mainly for fat people who are bitter and lonely and vitriolic. There is still a big fat chance of transformation – diet, exercise and all. Our fine specimen for today is Nikko Huelgas  who is in perfect shape because he lives a healthy lifestyle. Plus he’s into triathlons, so hats – and shirts and undergarments -off to this fine guy!

Let it out

Franco ClarkRemember the engineer guy who posed for Bench Body underwear ads sans bulge and conviction?  Franco Clark is back in a re-shoot. This time, there’s no photo editing, and he’s letting it all hang out. Which is a good thing, of course. Worth a second look.

Brazilian blowout

Georgie copyBrazilian model George Irineu deserves a post and category all his own in this site. He might as well be the Token Brazilian Model Always Nekkid. Front and back, how can we refuse such show? Today he goes easy on the eyes as he heats things up in his (supposedly) tighty whities. What time is it?

Have a yen for Yheen

YheenMost of the time singer-model Yheen Valero delivers in the Hotness Department. Today is not an exception, as he’s filling in those boxer briefs just fine. Yheen’s always bulging through in his photos when he’s not singing with his boy group 1:43Pretty impressive, huh?

A marked man

IMG_0588Sometimes there is beauty in candid moments. Things in disarray. Bumps and lumps manifesting. Mark Bautista was in Panglao for R & R (and some work) last weekend and he has photos to prove it. Don’t you just love it when celebrities reveal their human side – especially when it’s so good?

Yellow is the color of joy

mark m copyHe’s getting to be a favorite in this site with the frequent posts. It would be criminal, though, not to share photos of  Mark McMahon here in his underwear. In today’s case, the classic VPL shot in his tighty (grandpa) whities! Mr. McMahon – who’s always in underthings covering what little modesty that’s left – provides regular fodder for our prurient interests. Don’t complain.

In fighting form

StrieglIt’s always double the sexy when it comes to men who are achievers. You know, like athletes who are powerful and win medals and and all the glory of the sports they’re in. Mark Striegl is in that league of admirable men – good looks, near-perfect hard bod and of course, amazing athletic skills. In case you didn’t know, Mark is a champion mixed martial artist.

Brown Pride

JulesOur hunks for today were conscientiously selected from the files as I have a craving for chocolate today.  Dark man meat!  Jules Aquino is one of the natural choices for the day’s serving of sexy brown men. A standout with his distinct Filipino looks, the 22-year-old model is surely an eye candy. Or chocolate.

Marx1 copyVeteran model Marx Topacio is no stranger to regular features on this site about moreno guys. At his age (and I mean modeling years where youth is primo) Marx still, er, packs a wallop in his undergarments. Now, be grateful that he’s still going nearly nekkid these days.

One direction

George IrineuSpeaking of Hideo, his best friend George Irineu‘s career is going in the right direction. The Brazilian is the model-about-town these days, as he is practically in all runway shows and fashion editorials. In this image, while I might not be able to quite extoll the virtues of the grandpa underwear, George nevertheless looks mighty delish in that sac sack.

BenjieAnd there is no way to go but up and up for Benjie Nuevaespaña! Although he’s a bit new in the business, the Sta. Rosa, Laguna native has achieved a few career milestones, e.g. winning the first ever Mister Global Tourism Philippines in 2013 plus some tv appearances in GMA’s soaps and shows. The bedimpled cutie is really, er, rising.

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