The suit

Jules and Matthew and LharbyI’m supposed to ask with this picture-collage:  Who do you think has a wank video circulating online?  Then I’d write, If you can guess which one, then I’ll post the video or screencaps within the coming days. Coming, get it? Tee-hee. But seriously, these are all hotties, and the message is this: You don’t have to bare all to be sexy. Just look at Jules , Matthew, Lharby all covered up in body-hugging, VPL-baring Symbiote Costumes!

BFF Matthew

Matthew CustodioSomehow this one slipped under our watchful radar for cute boy-athletes. Eighteen-year-old Matthew Custodio is Kobe‘s best bud, and he’s getting our attention now!  Like his famous friend, Matthew is also an athlete, a member of the under-19 Azkals football team.  He’s also a commercial model sometimes.  Life’s unfair, indeed.

Flashback freaky Friday

Alex1 copyOne of the pioneers in the sex-video-on-the-internet phenom is big and burly cager, rapper and commercial model Alex Crisano. I thought a huge manly man on the post is proper foil for the past few days’ twinky features (although no one is complaining, yet).  Where words fail, the tighty-thin pair of Bench Body underwear speaks.

Candid and loving it

JeromeWe’re loving it, actually. Images like this one, with a sexually exciting or gratifying person or object of desire. This is Jerome Tan, runner-up of Mr. Chinatown of ages past and now inching his way in showbiz. Jerome definitely has more to offer than just a pretty face and defined body . I think.

Mark VPL

MarkM09 copyHe’s a favorite because somehow Mark McMahon is always shirtless and oft times in his underwear , for photo shoots and ads. Heck, his social media accounts are peppered with his sexy schtick , too. We don’t complain. We compliment and give thanks, profusely. It is very hot seeing a full-grown man with a handsome mug, in his tighty whities, sexy and leggy you could almost smell a strong manly scent from between those legs.

Wet wet wet

JohnSpainhourNo stranger to skimpy, penis-hugging underwear shoots, John Spainhour is back in his, er, underwear of course. This time, he dips and dives, and delights us with some discernible parts of his anatomy. John knows how to tease and torment, really.

Friday VPL

DomWhat time is it? Time for some handsome, VPLed Canadian model! Dominic Samoisette shows us sexy and how! Here, Dominic emphasizes his point and flaunts his wares – six-pack abs, killer legs and the plat de resistance VPL, proof that he’s cut for this kind of job. Underwear modeling, that is.

Beach Boy


Because he’s always naked in pictures (and Bench Body video ads). Because he wears teenie tiny underwear, teasing and pleasing with his bulges and bumps. Because we can never get enough of his hot bod. John Spainhour is our porn star boss!

Robed in splendor

vinlee copyKorean model Vin Lee‘s shortcomings are compensated by his exotic looks and fine physique. It’s hard not to get a little hot and bothered upon seeing this VPL photo of Vin.  Actually, he’s been on the most-photographed-in-his-undies list of male mods in town. That means he’s heating up the scene with his modeling work and a portfolio that’s practically on fire.

Yellow is the color

hans9 hans7

Remember Markki’s gauzy yellow underwear, which he wore for the Bench Body ads a few months back? Well, it’s in the stores already! The undergarment is actually light and flimsy, you can see the shape and size of the penis of catalog model Hans Weiser. Too bad Markki donned his briefs with a cup (see the photo). Maybe he can do a re-shoot?

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