Sherwin O!

Mainly because he is having a new movie, entitled Kurap [Blink], Sherwin Ordonez is doing the nekkid-guy-in-bed thing, to promote the indie flick about a small-time crook in inner city Manila who falls for a cunning journalist, as their lives spin, spiral towards a tragic ending in a romantically ruthless setting, dark and foreboding, oh, you have to see and feel the movie just so you will know what I’m saying, aside of course, from the visual treat of the boys – nasty, immodest and good-looking all – Dexter Castro, Jeff Luna, Rico Lazaro and this German-Filipino mestizo Christian Burke, plus Mr. Ordonez, who is such a revelation in his first movie outing [and lead role!] and I’m raving and ranting because I’m doubly excited about Mr. Ordonez taking on a serious role, as this movie will be shown uncut at the UP Film Institute on Saturday, November 8¬†with all the cast and crew in attendance, so I will see you there, too. ¬†Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll take a vacation now and won’t be back till Monday.¬†

Jeff Luna in Kurap

The name of¬†Jeff Luna‘s character in the new movie Kurap is¬†Ratbu and I’m wondering why. Although Jeff Luna is playing support to Sherwin Ordonez in the new indie film by director Roni Bertubin, he gets to showcase his, uh, thespic skills and prowess [and, of course, more, to stress the point]. ¬†Kurap’ s blurb goes – In the blink of an eye, moral degradation, sexual awakening, deceit and deception will be exposed. ¬†Corruption and greed will lead them to destruction. ¬†Will their good intentions justify their tragic ends?¬†¬†The movie will have its preem next week on November 8 [Saturday] at the UP Film Institute. See you all there with the cast!

Sherwin bares, blinks.

Erstwhile teen actor Sherwin Ordonez graduates from cutesy stuff into mature roles. ¬†That would have to be one of the selling points for his new movie entitled Kurap [Blink] from the makers of Sikil [Roni Bertubin,director and Ome Avellanosa, screenplay]. It’s about time, as Sherwin – who does theater and dancing so well, prepares to show his acting skills. And more [more = the obligatory nude scene of Sherwin Ordonez]! Mark your dates guys, November 8¬†at the UP Film Institute and November 12 at regular theaters nationwide.

Fearless: Marion

I’m watching the Philippine version of Fear Factor on ABS-CBN [Channel 2] because of Ram Sagad and Marion Angelo dela Cruz [in photo]. ¬†According to the press kit, Marion is 21 years old, born and raised in Vienna, Austria to Filipino parents. ¬†His father is a driver for an embassy and his mother is a cleaning lady for another embassy. ¬†He says he wants to win the top prize in Fear Factor so that he can convince his folks to move back to dear old Philippines. Cute kid!


If you want your man a little bit husky and plump-lumpy, here’s Enrico Mofar, a Masculados¬†[an all-male sexy sing-and-swing group]¬†member. ¬†The 5’7″-tall and 160-lbs dance instructor was visible for quite some time on morning tv as one of the background dancers of a showbiz segment of the program. Thick-bodied¬†Enrico Mofar also claims to have already competed in international dance events representing the country. ¬†

Jay Santos returns

Twenty-six-year-old Filipino model Jay Santos returns in this site with a yummy photo to thrill us. ¬†He is now based in Singapore, working at the popular fancy restaurant PS Cafe. ¬†He has a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the National College of Business and Arts. That explains his career path. In between work in the city-state, Jay Santos¬†somehow managed to pose for the gay rag, Frontman here in Manila. ¬†I’m wishing he comes home again soon, with more daring pictures next time.

Please sit down.

How was your Monday? Was it frenzied and furious, like you were in a madhouse? ¬†Are you feeling tired and rotten and awful? ¬†Does it seem unlikely that anything can hold much longer? It’s just the first day of the week. You have four more to go at work or school or what-have-you. So why don’t you sit down and enjoy the slow shove, twists and turns. Of the world, that is. ¬†It won’t hurt. Just try and relax.

Booty Sol

There’s nothing like some nice, jiggly booty on a Monday. And waddya know, here’s Orlando Sol once again, showing us full and fleshy buttocks. ¬†I’ve been putting his photos up here for quite some time now, and I haven’t heard about any career developments. He’s a favorite, and I am hoping he’ll do better in the future. Happy Monday!

You are what you eat!

Do you spit or swallow? Does it necessarily define you with what you eat? Your health, looks, and well-being result from the kinds of food you consume. ¬†In other words, what goes into your mouth, defines you. No, I’m just kidding with that one. ¬†I’m writing this because I’m just addicted lately with reruns of the show You Are What You Eat, a dieting program aired in the UK a few years back. It’s quite revolutionary and shocking how people are made to lose weight in the program. you should watch it, and I’m pretty sure you’ll get some insights along the way on how to lose those nasty flabs. In photo: Vincent Villaver.