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Benjamin’s Thang

There’s this Bench Body billboard along the Kalayaan flyover in Makati City featuring a cute guy, quite new and unfamiliar to most. His name is Benjamin Tang, a German-Vietnamese model trying his luck here. This 22-year-old cutie is best remembered for playing the devil in the Coke Angel tvc shown recently. Prior to Bench, he did the commercials for Medicol, Globe Superduo and C2 Sulitro. He is hot, isn’t he?


Remember the Marino movie featured a year ago? Well, it’s going to be shown again on 17 February 2010 in selected theaters, and it’s a visual treat with Raymond Cabral‘s skin exposure. Aside from Raymond disrobing for the camera, the other boys – Allen, Emilio, Victor, Marco, Mike and Rico – make up an ensemble cast for this movie about “the lives and sacrifices of seamen and their families, and pertinent issues like sea pirates, sunken ships, sexually-transmitted diseases and foreign employment.” Epic, eh?

Long and Short

This is Mexican model Felipe Flores, who’s in and out of the country for the past couple of years already as one of the sought-after male mannequins by A-list designers and brands. Felipe has done numerous fashion campaigns in the metro by changing his looks a la chameleon for the projects. In the photos above, which Felipe Flores do you prefer? The long- or short-haired one?

Lihim Anniversary

Exactly two years ago today, 4 February 2008, one of the best gay-themed movies had its director’s cut premiere at the University of the Philippines Film Institute. Ang Lihim ni Antonio played to a hushed crowd in a jam-packed theater. The coming-of-age movie [with full emphasis on coming] was shocking and disturbing because of its theme. As one of the hits of the Altarejos-Bonife tandem [Parola], Lihim went on a commercial run on the eve of Valentine’s Day, which date marked the start of a successful movie screening in limited theaters. Photo shows the stars Kenjie Garcia [left] as the young boy enamored with his uncle played by Josh Ivan Morales.

Dear JC

What really happened to you? There was a time you were waiting in the wings in GMA-7 as the next big star, the new leading man of his time in the league of Dingdong Dantes. But the big fiasco between your manager and some network executive left you terribly affected. The projects you got were the catchpenny ones – an afternoon soap here and a variety show guesting there. Geez! Now, some are appending names to you such as Failed Star JC de Vera or Also-Ran Actor JC de Vera. Would you even allow that? What are you doing? If I were you, I’d ditch the bitch and find myself a professional agent. It would help if you put on those tiny white Bench Body briefs. Good luck, kid!

That Guy

Have you ever bought one of those Onesimus suits, barong and dress shirts? The price tag carries a picture of a cute guy, unsmiling but still sexy with pouty red lips. That’s Thomas Ivasaki, a Brazilian model of Japanese descent, who was here a year ago to try his luck in the local runways. The 6’1″-tall hunk from Brasilia landed big projects in TVCs, print ads and runway shows. His biggest break came when he got signed as one of the faces of Onesimus, a local brand that does barong, suits and shirts. The ubiquitous billboards of the clothing company around the metro still carry some images of Thomas.

More Rain

Don’t forget 3 February 2010 when SRO [Standing Room Only] preems and starts its commercial run in selected theaters. The movie is about male prostitutes of the low-tariff and low-cost variety inside a shabby and seedy theater. The hookers [in the movie] are Kristofer King, Charles Delgado and Rain Javier [in photo], who all promised to make this movie worth your freakin’ while by showcasing their acting skills. Thespianic persuasion. Whatever you call them. Just watch the movie starting Wednesday.
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