Twenty-one-year-old Marco Manalac is enjoying relative fame lately, thanks to his exposure in Equus where he also got rave reviews. Marco is a cum laude graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Communication, minor in Literature. After working as a marketing coordinator at De La Salle University, he’s now busy doing TVCs, bit roles on tv and in movies and hosting.


If you want your men tall, dark and exotic with an air of danger and mystery, EJ Mapoy is for you. I think. This 6′-tall guy was a surprise winner [first runner-up] in the Mr. Sexy Body 2010 bikini competition held earlier this year at the Sta. Lucia East Grandmall in Cainta, Rizal.

Old Pics

I’m thinking of making Sunday as Old Pics Day. You know, photos from yesteryears. That’s 10-15 years ago, before the advent of the internet, phone cameras and SMS. Back then the boys were sweet-looking, not too buff and polished but raw and manly. They came as they are. Oops, I think that didn’t sound right. It’s just that I’m putting a poll above if old photos of Filipino hunks would still interest you today. If so, then Sundays will be devoted solely to such posts [unless there are more important entries on that day]. Sampler: Alken Miranda.


It’s AJ Ona on a Saturday! A 5’11”-tall native of Lucena City, AJ is a regular in the sexy body competitions in the metro. He may not be strikingly handsome but there’s a certain zip and zing about him. Maybe it’s the well-formed bod, with all the cuts and curves. Or the bulge showing great promise beneath the bikini. He might not be winning the competitions but he is definitely making his mark.


Speaking of Survivor Philippines [Celebrity Edition], here’s model and erstwhile theater actor Rhodge Bermudez . He is not in the reality show but his sister is. And since you’ll get mad if I post a photo of his sweet sexy sister in her panties here, I’ll just put up a picture of this hunky model in, uh, panties, too. Sexy, nonetheless. TGIF!