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Okay, let’s do this! While we’re at it, who’s the better underwear model? Ahron Villena [right] went ahead with his Walker “Sexier Than Nude” endorsement. A few months later, his best friend Ian Batherson donned Sunjoy briefs to promote the 90s brand. Who’s hotter? Who has the bigger, uh, bulge?


Take that Mr. Villena! Starstruck eliminee and Survivor castaway Ian Batherson is now an underwear model, too! Here’s the PR: Sunjoy Underwear, one of the country’s most formidable male underwear brands since the 1980s, signed a contract with Ian Batherson of GMA 7’s Starstruck fame as its newest image model. Batherson was singled out by Sunjoy for it believes in Batherson’s refreshingly good Caucasian looks that truly typifies what a young man on-the-rise should be. With a well-chiseled body and flawlessly good-looking face, Batherson is surely a two-thumb up winner in the underwear category. After all, Sunjoy always believes that its underwear products should be “a work of art for everyday wear” — from men’s briefs, boxer briefs, boxer shorts to comfy undershirts.


I’m woozy and dazed from the heady mix of the December air. It must be the energetic whirl of it all – like a mad rush, during the holiday season. I get dizzy from the smell, the stink and funk of something indescribable. Such foul air! My vision’s blurred, and oh wait, I see a figure, though. Isn’t that Jake Cuenca in the room?


So, this is probably the much-touted wooden statue of the sexy warrior Machete, an iconic figure in sexy movies made in the 90s. This time, it’s a new one – reportedly slashed and sliced by a National Artist for Sculpture. If it looks familiar, it’s probably carved in the image of hunky young actor Aljur Abrenica , who reprises the role of the lustful sculpture-with-a-woody on tv. Now, I wonder if they are also attaching a big penis on the image, similar to those featured in the movies.

Clyde versus Jed

Between fair 23-year-old Clyde Cruz [top] and dark 21-year-old Jed Rivera, who is your choice? To see more of these guys’ wringing-wet and wild scenes, get a copy of BIKINI TV: HOT HUNKS 2010. The DVD and VCD copies are still available at AstroVision, SM Records Bars and other department stores nationwide.


Bikini boy in the dark corner of the room is Julian Binarao, a 5’10-tall familiar face in bikini competitions from Ilocos to Bicol to the nether regions. He has not won any titles yet, but the 21-year-old hopes to join more contests next year before he finally hangs his tiny, wet and flimsy underwear to dry.


Speaking of gym instructors, here’s another chunky, beefy and sexy one. His name is James Mark Banzon and he’s connected with Slimmers World. The 5’9″-tall native of Los Banos, Laguna copped the Slimmers World Great Bodies title in 2007, when he represented the Megamall branch. Prior to that, he did the rounds of bikini contests, such as Kawasaki Hunk 2006 [winner], Slimmers World Great Bodies 2006 [Top 5 and Texters’ Choice], Kourus 2006 Male Model Search [3rd RU], and Mr. and Ms. Sexy Bodies 2007 [finalist].


The things I get in the mail! Well, I know you love bulges and all, and this one’s droll and delightful. At the Ginoong San Juan 2010 finals night held months ago, one guy by the name of Ronaldo Crisol was giving the judges and the audience the stiff one-eye. While he may not have been the most drop-dead handsome guy in the lot, he eventually won the Ginoong San Juan – Tourism award. Of course, I’m guessing the woody did it for him. The guy in boring-blue-speedos is Aldrin Quillope.

Vintage Sunday

It’s Christmas time. More reds, gold and glitter! For our not-so-vintage feature today – here’s ex-exotic-dancer Paul Guesande. Yes, the one with the big bod and tight butt. All covered in Christmasy leaves and whatnots. Always hawt, isn’t he?

Vintage Aga

Oh, Vintage Sunday came early. When the world was young and liposuction was unheard of, Aga Muhlach was a fresh-faced, boyishly handsome actor, who had everything going for him. Well, he still is one of the top actors but he’s now a butterball and rather along in years at 41. He’s in the news lately for his imminent transfer to TV5 after two decades at ABS-CBN.
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