The Top 20 of 2010

It has been one whirlwind of a bikini-nekkid-cocky year! As the year ends, I’m listing down the top 20 stories based on the number of comments [figures in italics] that you posted. Nasty or polite, fantasy or trite, your opinions are all there. Except, of course, when I’m on my horrid mood and I tend to erase some wisecracks. Heck, this is my site and I can do what I want! And you can always go visit some crappy site, lesser known and crudely done. Capisce?
1. Survey on the boy you wanted to see in a racy mag, 224
2. Balls, about basketball players in the flesh trade, 175
3. Afloat, on the merits of a guy named Aljur, 119
4. Super Star! Daniel Matsunaga’s naked past, 102
5. Vintage Sunday featuring Poppo Lontoc, 88
6. Hot Hunk: Eugene, a new bikini guy discovered, 83
7. Dearest, Aki’s naked cover for a photo book, 80
8. Regrets, the attack of Piolo Pascual’s fantards, 79
9. Hot Hunks 2010, the official release of the DVD, 78
10. Phil McCracken on model Patrick Masigan, 71
11. Juross, Aljur and Joross in the Cosmo show, 68Italic
12. Effort, about Rocco Nacino’s, uh, exertions, 67
13. Folio 1: Joross, a new gay rag with hot actors, 66

14. Machete, Aljur’s new show and best bet for 2011, 65

15. The Last Prince, Aljur’s first tv series for 2010, 65

16. Endearing DM Sevilla on a major comeback, 64
17. Muli, a charming gay movie led by Cogie and Sid, 63
18. Turn of Lem Pelayo against the Brazilian models, 63
19. Pro, Too, on model James Zablan’s charmed life, 62
20. Pretty Boys Gerald Anderson and the PBB boys, 61


Speaking of Aljur, whatever happened to his batch mate at the reality search Starstruck, Dex Quindoza? After getting eliminated in the show [which also produced Prince Stefan, Paulo Avelino and Mart Escudero], Dex finished school in PMI Colleges-Manila. He came back as one of the contestants in Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009. Although he didn’t win that one, he subsequently landed some modeling projects. After a short-lived stint with the singing group YM, GMA-7 reportedly took him in again to groom this young hunk for its soaps and shows. And now, he’s still nowhere in pop tv consciousness. Where is he?


Oh, I forgot to post this image of a glamorized Aljur, part of a series of a fashion magazine shoot. The thing is, Aljur is big! He’s one of the biggest draws in this site, eliciting more comments than the average post. His record for the most number of opinions from you guys is that of the Afloat post. This coming year, he’ll be doing that shirtless-in-a-loincloth bit for tv as Machete, and I’m betting on his woody, he’ll elevate his showbiz street cred to higher ground.


The reason I’m putting up this post is because I recently saw the movie Rosario and I’m raving, stark-raving mad about this Cinemabuhay and Studio 5 period piece about a liberated woman, no, make that a loose-moraled sally and skank [who realizes her mistake in the end, of course] and I’m going to see it again, if only for the mish-mash of actors coming in and out of scenes amidst an ethereal cinematography from the pale fields of Isabela to the grubby roads of Manila and you know that there is doom, an intervening disaster pretty soon at the end of the feature, hoping it wouldn’t have to be on the character of that guy Sid Lucero, always the dreamy – almost spectral – talented actor, and I think I’m really gushing about this movie directed by 47-year-old actor Alberto Martinez [in photo] I need to stop now.


Isn’t he cute? His name is Mark Angelo Lopez, the Lakan ng Bulacan 2010 winner. He’s from Bustos, Bulacan and now he’s in Manila to try his luck in the modeling business. Recently, he was spotted at a local bikini contest. Unfortunately he lost to the bigger guys. Expect more of Mark in the bikini contests this coming year.

Dirty Tats

A “dirty tattoo” is found in the sensitive and private areas of a person, such as the genitalia or the regions around it. These days, many are exploring areas of the body where the sun does not necessarily shine for that sought-after ink. Bikini TV contestant Carlo Lopez has stars guarding his penis and balls. In the DVD [or VCD] of BIKINI TV: HOT HUNKS 2010, Carlo also showed some ink in his pubic area. BIKINI TV: HOT HUNKS 2010 is still available at AstroVision, SM Records Bars and other department stores nationwide.


Speaking of daddies and older persons, two desirable actors still active in the sidelines are Luis Alandy [left] and Marco Alcaraz. Still sexy at 30, Luis Alandy is still showing the younger generation of actors that he still has the goods and the spark to plod on under the klieg lights. Just recently he showed his buttocks again in the gay rag Folio. On the other hand, 27-year-old Marco Alcaraz is getting ready to settle down, although he’s not retiring yet from show business. He still packs a wallop in the sexy-briefs department, proof-positive was his Folio shoot.

Vintage Sunday

This shot of actor Zoren Legaspi was taken twenty years ago when he was just an 18-year-old teen fresh off the boat, uh, plane from Chicago where his family had stayed for quite some time. The tall, handsome and lanky teen was immediately signed for a sexy role in a teen movie, and the first order of the day was for him to don wet and white speedos. He still looks good today.


Why not Paulo Avelino? It’s your first time to see this image here and yes, he’s big, brawny and beautiful now! The 22-year-old actor, who has been waiting in the wings in GMA-7 for quite some time is now poised for the big time as he welcomes the new year with more leading-man roles in shows and projects. Well, it would be great also if he could do the YC Bikini Brief [or whatever underwear brand] endorsement.


And the next underwear model should be chunky-hairy 26-year-old actor Joross Gamboa! There are still lots of local underwear brands in the market needing some get-up-and-go, the necessary nudge. Long-standing brands such as Brute, Puritan Briefs, Carter, and my favorite – YC Bikini Briefs [“For the man who likes to wallop!“] should get him as an endorser. So how about it for Mr. Joross?