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Model and actor Rafael Rosell is this month’s cover of Mens Health Philippines. He’s shot on the beach, shirtless. [If only the magazine asked him to wear sexy tiny Speedos, he would gladly lose the shorts]. Rafael‘s pretty much hanging out by the sea lately, surfing and lazing around while the projects remain scarce. He’s still one of the main underwear acts of Bench Body, though.

Jojo Then and Now

Let’s do the sleazy bikini bit. It’s Jojo Nepacina, a veteran bikini open contestant. The then photo is the one on the left, when he was still dark and flabby and flat-nosed. The now image is a more defined Nepacina, with fairer skin and sharper nose. I think.

Diether Then and Now

He’s the original It Boy of ABS-CBN, where he had lots of tv and movie projects when he was just starting out. Diether Ocampo now [left photo], at 37 years old, is still hot really, except that the projects have gone scarce of late. A long-time endorser of Bench, he’s never done the underwear pictorial and has only gone shirtless in shoots and shows.

Vintage Sunday

In the olden days a.k.a. the late 90s when there were lots and lots of gay bars in the metro, these two were the star dancers of a little hole-in-the-wall in Pasay City called Hercules. The one on the left, who goes by the name of Matt Drilon was known for being one of the more good looking dancers. Of course, Arnold Cortez on the right was famous because of his long schlong.

Top Boys

There was a time when the Bench billboard prime spot at the EDSA Guadalupe Bridge was allocated just for Piolo Pascual or Dingdong Dantes. Every time Bench comes out with its campaign – most anticipated of which is the summer series where the boys get to wear skimpy briefs – Piolo or Dingdong dominate that huge board by the river.

This summer, it’s Aljur Abrenica in that big spot. Shirtless and in jeans, the young hunk is basking in Bench glory as he dominates the EDSA Guadalupe skyline – a jumbo-mondo traffic hazard, if you ask me.

Naughty Boy!

Still on Screencaps Friday [and Happy 4th Year Anniversary to this site today]! Growing up to be one fine young man is Gerald Anderson – the next top leading man of his home studio. Although he’s one of the primary endorsers of clothing brand Bench – known for its risqué underwear shoots, Gerald has kept his pants on. Well, except in his movie Paano Na Kaya, where he stripped down to his Batman boxer briefs. Cute.

Geoff Biggie Man

He’s an underwear brand endorser yet Geoff Eigenmann has not done one daring shot wearing sexy briefs yet. But in his past life, er, former home studio, where he did that werewolf series, he had scenes with his brother Ryan, which scenes were quite revealing really. It’s Screencaps Friday and we’ve got a hottie today!

Borgy Porgie, Puddin’ and Pie

Kissed the girls and made them cry! Here are exclusive images of Borgy Manotoc as one of the underwear models of Bench Body. The 27-year-old model used to wear the Bench briefs [pre-Jakey and –Rafael and the thong throng] before he changed his undergarments allegiances. Now, he’s back – wearing the size-under briefs and shorts for the clothing company. Delish enough?

Posing 101

It’s not a statue. It’s him, actually. Posing for a study as one of the models for a statue in the University of Santo Tomas. This is probably the second time that Piolo Pascual is donning sexy swim trunks, after his Lagarista exposure. Of course, he still looks hot. Just look at those big, strong legs!

Wet Mullally

It’s a wet, wet Tuesday as Filipino-British model and actor Jon Mullally a.k.a. Jon Avila dips and dives, and delights us with some discernible parts of his anatomy. This one’s for the summer collection of Bench Body, where he’s one of the favorite billboard and print ad models.
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