Fat Like You

IMG_1311There is a group out there that actually likes Geoff Eigenmann body-wise. While he may not be fit and fab these days, he’ still cute as a button. The 30-year-old actor has been Fighting the Flab all these years but he’s out there representing the dad bods and beer belly boys of this age. And now I digress to ….cutieclaims that he actually has a sex video and scandalous photos in the worldwide web, like this one.


Actually, that penis belongs to this anonymous (for now) boy, who’s a bit of a looker and could be a doppelganger for dear jelly-belly Geoff. Maybe a little help on the 411 of this guy?

Battle of the Bulge

Cute Sexy Cub


We always knew, right? That 29-year-old actor  Geoff Eigenmann is a biggie man!  He lost a lot of weight and he’s going around town proudly showing off his new body. Although it still does not have the perfect cuts and curves, Geoff now has a relatively leaner and tighter bod. But big bulge, still.


Stout is the New Sexy


We still love Jake Cuenca to bits. He’s putting it all out for the carbs eaters out there. That it’s perfectly fine to gobble loads of rice and giant burgers and  chunks of steaks, with some lard and Cheetos on the side. Our ultimate Bench Body endorser did his a swan song last weekend, and he went out on top!


In case you  are interested in Jakey’s package. Here’s a tiny glimpse.


The Fat Memo

GMA resident actor Geoff Eigenmann was recently served a memo by the higher ups calling attention to his burgeoning weight. Aptly so, considering that he’s in the leading-man department of the station. Maybe the big bosses wanted him to look like this, when a few years ago he was a Cosmo centerfold and underwear endorser. And then again, even if he were fit and lean, he would still be issued that fat memo. Tee-hee.

The Last Prince Preems!

So it’s a battle of the bulges between Aljur Abrenica and Geoff Eigenmann in the newest prime time show The Last Prince, which premieres tonight on GMA-7. Of course, I meant it in a good way for Geoff, who’s still cute and adorable in that costume. While Aljur is definitely rockin’ it, ripped and ropy in that body, Geoff is well, robust and able-bodied. Watch the fantasy show tonight for the visual treats!

Geoff bridges

The problem with Geoff Eigenmann is his voice. No one takes him seriously as a dramatic hunky actor because of that pip squeaky articulation. Too bad, because he’s cute and he’s starting to get that body – you know, the defined and muscled type. He is already 26 years old and his contemporaries are making a go at adult roles with ease and appreciation. Geoff, on the other hand, has formidable acting genes and good looks but is still struggling with mature roles. Maybe it is high time for some image [and voice] enhancement. He deserves to be big.

Geoff gets ready

GMA-7 is making a big gamble on the adaptation of the Mexican telenovella Rosalinda by casting Geoff Eigenmann as the male lead Fernando José. I’m thinking he is less mature, less sexy and less of everything for the role, which was made popular by the Venezuelan actor [and dreamy hunk] Fernando Carrillo. Just the same, Geoff Eigenmann is all set to fill in big, big shoes as he stars in the new primetime series of his home studio. Let’s see how he throws some punches in the localized soap.

Geoff Eigenmann moves?

Actor Geoff Eigenmann has reportedly signed up and over to GMA-7, his home studio’s rival network. Unconfirmed reports state that the cutesy actor, who is turning 24 next month, has taken over the role vacated by JC de Vera [who is in turn, moving to ABS-CBN] in Obra, a prime time series. Geoff was formerly a talent of GMA-7 before he switched to ABS-CBN where he did soaps and shows. Recently, he started to shed off the poundage, the teen roles and some clothes to portray adult characters on tv.

Geoff Eigenmann loses weight, goes shirtless

When 22-year-old cutesy actor Geoff Eigenmann lost a lot of weight, he went about town proudly showing off his new body.  Although it still does not have the perfect cuts and curves, Geoff now has a leaner and tighter bod.  As one of the actors in ABS-CBN’s primetime series Lobo, he immediately donned swimming trunks and jockeys for the key scenes.  He says he lost weight the natural way – through boxing, that is. Geoff is also an endorser of Hanford underwear, replacing Dingdong Dantes.