By The Sea

It’s Sunday, time for some old photo! This one’s taken 19 years ago when a young upstart with showbiz lineage burst into the scene in teasing Speedo shots. His name: Gary Estrada, a tall, dark and brooding 21-year-old who held some promise of being a matinee idol. He starred in sexy and action flicks then. He’s now a Board Member in the provincial government of Quezon.

Summer Boys

Boys look so much hotter in the summer
Take your shirt off in the water, pull me under
Oh, I must be dreaming
Oh, you got me singing
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

– Jessie James, Boys In The Summer

Speaking of cut off denim shorts, I found these old photos circa 2009 of boys in the ultimate shorts for summer. As summer’s about to fade with the onset of the monsoon, here’s to all the boys who went nekkid under the sun!