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Candy Cutie

This is how cute model Brent Javier looks like these days. He dyed his hair brown, put on some stubble – the scruffier, the better to look more masculine and mature. And, as I’ve said before Brent can wear a tiny flour sack and still come out cute and sexy. [He has a nice backside, too.]

New Aljur

New Aljur picture, but what’s new with the hot hunk of GMA? I’m pretty sure the Aljurtards out there will react violently, but after all is said and done – Is it really the end of the freakin’ line for Aljur? He’s not doing anything, for crying out loud! No movies, no tv shows. Is his star really fading?

Beach Boys

My only wish these days – with the flooding of my Timeline with countless Boracay photos of friends and random strangers [e.g. Boracay day 1, day 2, day 35, ugh], is this: more good-looking, hunky boys in dem pictures in the bestest beach in the world! Just like images of Victor Basa [leftmost], Will Devaughn [middle] or Derek Ramsay, shirtless and primping and flexing under the sun. Well, a smattering of bikini boys would be a welcome sight, too.

Sexy Del

This is Rodel Felicidario, a senior model, most ubiquitous in the fashion runways in the metro. The soft-spoken 5’10”-tall model has made a quantum leap from his humble origins in the side streets of Caloocan City to the glaring footlights of modeling and showbiz. Del first appeared 7 years ago in the CloseUp To Fame reality show on tv, the toothpaste search for its new models.

Bikini Job

Today, our obligatory bikini post is about this guy who appears in a billboard for direct selling company Boardwalk. Apparently, 21-year-old Job Gayta is one of the winners of the model search for the company. If he looks familiar, he was once a contestant in the Hataw Superbodies Bikini Open Year 5.

Summer Fresh

Of the ten boys below, I haven’t featured yet this tall, dark and handsome model from Bicol. John Victor “Jovic” Susim first appeared on national tv as a lanky contestant on the Teen Edition of ABS-CBN’s reality show Big Brother. Since then, this 19-year-old, 6’1″-tall cutie has appeared in countless TVCs and appearances in some tv shows.
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