To those asking incessantly, VPL means Visible Penis Line. I’m thinking of doing some posts on VPL once in a while. Or maybe once a week. Old or new pics. Like this one on little boy Hiro. I just remembered I had this photo of this cute moreno upon passing by this billboard near the international airport. Hiro was up in the air, all smiles. He’s really going places now. It’s a good thing he did those sexy bikini stuff way back when he was a total unknown.


And so Aljur is older and wiser and handsomer. Despite the onslaught of young bright-eyed upstarts in his home studio, Aljur‘s still lording it over the sexy leading-man department. This December, he’s on the cover of Men’s Health [Phils] magazine, sharing stories about his success. And delish bod. The 22-year-old hunk first did the cover for the magazine in February 2011.


Our favorite hunk Andrew went to an international male pageant and won second. Not bad. He’s first runner-up at the Mr. World 2012 competition held in Kent, England last weekend. Now, if only he’ll show his fine buttocks again. Like this.