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While we’re on the topic of VPL, it‘s there somewhere in these photos. It must be soft. Shying away from the camera. Or the cold glare of the people in the studio. But Emmanuel Mago, ex-Mr. World Philippines and fashion model is one hot moreno, if you ask me.


Now that’s a sexy pose. Diego Furoni is one handsome being. The 6′-tall Brazilian hottie has been seen on the local runways and magazine editorials lately. He’s currently in Asia, after his New York modeling stint for the past couple of years.

Candid JM

Speaking of candid and caught-unawares, these images of diminutive singer-actor JM de Guzman were recently sent in, presumably from back stage at the Cosmo bash held months ago. Is he hot or not?

Working Out

He’s still at it. Piolo Pascual‘s still hot as ever. He finds time to work out almost every day so that he can maintain his good looks and nice bod. That’s the best revenge against all his haters and the negative vibes thrown at him. And now I’m wondering really: Who took the pictures?


To those asking incessantly, VPL means Visible Penis Line. I’m thinking of doing some posts on VPL once in a while. Or maybe once a week. Old or new pics. Like this one on little boy Hiro. I just remembered I had this photo of this cute moreno upon passing by this billboard near the international airport. Hiro was up in the air, all smiles. He’s really going places now. It’s a good thing he did those sexy bikini stuff way back when he was a total unknown.


And so Aljur is older and wiser and handsomer. Despite the onslaught of young bright-eyed upstarts in his home studio, Aljur‘s still lording it over the sexy leading-man department. This December, he’s on the cover of Men’s Health [Phils] magazine, sharing stories about his success. And delish bod. The 22-year-old hunk first did the cover for the magazine in February 2011.


I wonder what they’re feeling in the photo. Two hot sweaty bodies. Nearly glued together. I get all these images in the mail. This one’s too sexy to share. Budding boy-hunks Arron Villaflor and Enzo Pineda, together back stage at some show. 


Our favorite hunk Andrew went to an international male pageant and won second. Not bad. He’s first runner-up at the Mr. World 2012 competition held in Kent, England last weekend. Now, if only he’ll show his fine buttocks again. Like this.


There’s something hot and sexy about a handsome man in skanky short shorts. This one’s Honorato Babinski and he’s rockin’ the look! Mr. Babinski is a 6’1″-tall Brazilian model who was in town recently to do print and commercial ads.  

Twin Peaks

I’m having dirty thoughts with these inseparable hunky identical twins. Along the lines of the famous Peters twins. Wild imaginings, actually. Pretty soon, varsity basketball players David and Anthony Semerad will wear Bench Body briefs in print and on the runways.  For now, they go shirtless with a lot of promise.
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