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Top Model

Well, whaddya know? It’s Carlito Gonzales again. In Bench Body briefs. Twenty-year-old Carl is 6’1″-tall and one of the busiest models in town. A varsity player for the STI Olympians team, he won Mr. STI College four years ago.


If you’re into long-haired, masculine basketball players, then 29-year-old Petron Blaze point guard Alex Cabagnot might just be your main guy! He’s an underwear model, too, as he joins that Trillo guy and Borgy‘s younger brother for Hanford underwear.  He’s hot, if you ask me.


Time was when Joem Bascon was one of the sexiest upstarts in the underwear modeling scene. He was come-hither in those Folded & Hung ads ages ago. Now, Joem, who is one mighty fine actor, is still an underwear endorser, although for a different brand.  


Still in the business after all these years. That’s model Alizon Andres who made the transition from runway modeling to acting on tv [and the movies]. Although there are more handsome [and taller!]  models around, Alizon has remained under the klieg lights, doing what he loves best.  


Top male mannequin Brent Javier‘s back in showbiz! That’s the latest news from the boyish model’s end. The former Mossimo Bikini Summit winner is making a comeback on tv and the movies pretty soon as he’s under new management. He says he wants to go back into acting. Do you think Brent still has what it takes to succeed in the business?

Model Boy

Our Monday boy is 27-year-old Rodel Felicidario, one of the favorite mannequins of A-list and up-and-coming menswear designers. This Caloocan City native first appeared via the CloseUp To Fame reality show on tv, the toothpaste search for its new models held a few years ago.  Although he did not win the top prize, he is now better placed than the grand winner. 

Jiro, Too

Still one of the hottest [underwear] models in town is Jiro Shirakawa. With his boyish Oriental looks and to-die-for body, who wouldn’t get his services? Modeling services. In fact, the projects kept piling up, he’s now driving a premium SUV with the latest mobile phones and gadgets. That’s hard work.


And then there’s Carlos Agassi, in all his buffed and polished, ripped and muscular glory.  The hunky actor-singer is showing ’em how to be an underwear model, with all the right cuts and, uh, bumps in the right places. This one’s reminiscent of the handsome beefcake of yore, if you ask me.

Johnron Kisses ….

…. The Faerie Formerly Known As Rustom [TFFKAR]. The hunky model-actor is locking lips on stage with Bb Gandanghari today at 3 pm and 8 pm in the stage play “Sayaw ng mga Senioritas” at the Cultural Center of the Philippines – Huseng Batute.  The hilarious stage play by Gantimpala Theater  Foundation is part of the 4th National Theater Festival currently held at the CCP. Sayaw is top-billed by known TV, film and stage directors, with TFFKAR making a “very limited engagement” today.  Of course, there’s a “male bikini contest” segment with other cute boys in the cast.


Oh these underwear model boys! They’re constantly trying to one-up each other. This is DJ Durano, recent addition to the list of Guitar underwear endorsers. The tv and movie actor is representing the 30-something demographic for Guitar undergarments. I think.
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