Throwback Thursday

The Grandfather of All Bench Models is actor and failed politician Richard Gomez [left]. As a 20-something fledgling actor, he steered the local brand to such great heights via ads and billboards. When it was time to hand over the reins, he chose another tall, dark and handsome teener by the name of Jomari Yllana [right] who appeared in racier advertisements in magazines and giant billboards around the metro.


This could very well be Throwback Tuesday for Billy Crawford. To those asking for some nekkid photos of guy-in-the-news from last Sunday’s tell-all [people hiding under the rock should just Google Billy Crawford for the latest news], this is the closest I can find in the files. Billy was huge then in Europe and he was teen magazine fodder, shirtless and in chains!

[Not So] Vintage Sunday

In the olden days of Bench Body, the chunky-hunky male models dominated the underclothing landscape. One of them was Rob Duat, a Filipino-American pro basketball player  who once played for the Alaska Aces and Petron Blaze. The 6’3″-tall hunk also gamely posed for the underwear company in his jockeys and for Cosmopolitan [Phils] showing half his buttocks.


These are scenes too from the 24/7 In Love movie where Gerald Anderson gratuitously showed some skin, a bit of skin, via boxer shorts and a toned bod.  Of course, we rarely see the young hunk in his tiny skivvies, but he somehow manages to be caught sometimes with his pants down on screen.  Here’s hoping he will snag one of those underwear endorsements in the near future.