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Martin Revealed

mart45 copy

It’s really a big deal to be taken in as an endorser by local underwear giant Bench Body . This could be Aljur and would’ve upped his showbiz cred , just a wee bit. However, Martin del Rosario beat him to the punch. Now, we’ll get to see more of this sexy little puppy-dog-eyed boy – bulge, butt, hair, butt hair and all.


doms copy

This is the raciest, raunchiest promo so far for Bench Body‘s biannual fleshfest. Imagine boy-next-door Dominic Roque posing almost nekkid, pubes in near-Brazilian for the ads! Of course, we can’t complain. In fact, we’re waiting for the actual little boy walking down the runway on September 19 at the Mall of Asia Arena,teasing and pleasing in the skimpiest underwear ever!

Centerfolds 2014

A bit blah but we all expected it, right? The annual list of the Cosmopolitan (Phils) magazine’s top ten centerfolds is out in all their Lightroom glory!  Don’t ask me how the magazine’s editors picked this motley group this year. Some are hot, though. The most revealing shot is that of –


followed by Piolo‘s joyless nephew,


The rest, you decide:










go-see   Dominic Roque’s fat brother, Anthony also auditioned for the Bench show. He got in, natch!

Marked Man is Back

Mcmahon copy

Mr. 6’0 clock is Filipino-Scottish model Mark McMahon, who usually delivers the goods in any sexy, underwear show. At the press preview for the Bench Body fashion show, Mark walked down the runway, proving to everyone else that he has actually huge low hangers.

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