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JamesReid5 copyJames Reid is always half-naked in pictures! It’s a good thing, actually.

Aldrin EchavezBikini boy who nearly made it in Century Tuna Superbods last year: Aldrin Echavez.

jericYoung actor pits: Jeric Gonzales

Fly in

VinceWhere in the world is our favorite giraffe Vince Ferraren? The third guy (Spainhour + Ajdani) who made an impact on our collective consciousness as the tall and handsome model who posed provocatively for Bench Body ads in his undies has gone missing from our shores. He should come back, don’t you think? Vince’s awfully missed these days. In his undies, natch!

nathanWhat time is it? It’s 6 o’clock! Model Nathan Leon Biggs shows us.  Hot bod,legs and all. He’s still rockin’ it in those little underthings. Bulge, blob and bump, Mr. Biggs is smoking hot!

rezRez Fil in tiny bikini

Boys miscellaneous

IvanmatmarlonThis is to reaffirm my penchant for boys in tri-suits. Well, make that cute boys in tri-suits, who flaunt their hot bods and hotter bulges!  These three comprise the Sexy Trinity of triathlons lately: the guy on the left who looks like Atom Araullo is actually bit player and model Ivan Carapiet. Of course, you know Matteo Guidicelli and Marlon Stockinger. They are literally racy, if you ask me.

kirstey copyIt takes guts to walk on stage in your underwear. But when it comes to Kirstey Viray, who is being packaged as the new boy with a unique look in modeling town, he’s confident doing just that. In fact he’s done more than underwear modeling in his racy past.

IMG_7790Are male models these days more daring than their counterparts years ago? Like, for example, these underwear models who strut their stiff, er, stuff in front of the cameras. Sans qualms and apprehension, they wear close-fitting underthings. Which, of course, makes us a wee bit happy to see some shapes and forms and sizes down South. That’s Martin Flores, btw.

john1 john2And then there was John. John Spainhour and his mushroom dick. Because we can never get enough of this hot, hot man. Happy Friday everyone!


Cute boys Hiro Peralta and Derrick Monasterio

12cMore of Hataw Superbodies contestant Darryl del Mundo.



derricksOh to be 19 again! You with me ladies and gentlemen, do you remember 19? Let me tell ya, the juices are flowing, the red corpuscles are corpuscle-ing, the grass is green and soft, and summer’s gonna last forever. Now do you remember? Yeah you do. (Saul, Better Call Saul).  While we’re on the topic of teens and their haste to hunkydom come, count Derrick Monasterio in the exclusive club! Proof positive is his daily gym routine. The cuts and bulges are now showing! Maybe it’s a portent of things to come? Like some underwear endorsement. I can’t wait.


Sweatpants Saturday: AJ Hanson!

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