The younger one on the left is Adrian Asor while the other’s Bembol Cabasal. They competed against each other three years ago and Adrian edged out Bembol for the Bikini Frenzy title. Back then Bembol was already old [in bikini open years, yeah], late 20s actually, and yet he was still packing it in with a hot bod and nice physique. Bikini open season is coming in a few months and let’s see who’s bringing in the goods in itsie-bitsie teeny weenie bikinis!

Wet Bembol Cabasal

Male model Bembol Cabasal used to have long hair before he finally realized that shampoo and salon services are costly.  He now sports short hair, and he also looks good in it.  Nevertheless, his long mane was what made him stand out in the bikini contests that he joined. In fact, he won the 2004 Mr. Sexy Body Bikini Open sponsored by the Sta. Lucia Mall.  Now 29 years old, Bembol Cabasal is happily working in the gambling capital of Asia, Macau.

Wet Wet Wet

In the aftermath of the tropical storm that hit the metro and some parts of the country yesterday, here’s bikini contest veteran Bembol Cabasal, naked and wet, with nothing but a leaf to cover his privates.  Bembol was the 2004 winner of Sta. Lucia Mall’s annual Mr. Sexy Body contest.  The 28-year-old hunk also got into the finalists circle in the 2007 Subic Beach Bodies. 

Fireball: Bembol Cabasal

He was the model who sported the feminine look before: long straight hair and gracious strides. Yet, Bembol Cabasal, now 28 years old and still winning bikini contests one after the other, has stayed in the business with his new more-manful look. He first appeared in 2004 when he joined the first Bikini Open: The Pageant, where he was one of the finalists. Eventually, he was the grand winner at the 2004 Mr. and Ms. Sexy Body Bikini Open sponsored by Sta. Lucia Mall. This year, despite the presence of younger and buffer contestants, he managed to land first runner-up at the Bikini Frenzy pageant [held at Golden Sunset Resort owned by famous hairdresser Ricky Reyes] and as finalist at the Beach Bodies Bikini Championship in Subic Bay.