Hideo in the house!

Hideo2 copyIn Big Brother Houses around the world, nude shower scenes of the housemates always leak out of the woodwork. Of course, you won’t see that here, as the local edition doesn’t have cameras in the showers (do they?). I was hoping we’ll get to see new housemate Hideo Muraoka in the showers, and then again, we’ll just have to be contented probably with his shirtless shots inside the house. No nudity, more prudity!

Pretty Boy

tommy copyBy request, here’s Tommy Esguerra who shot to relative fame via the local franchise of Big Brother and hooking up with a homely woman during the series. Tommy’s been modeling for years before getting discovered for tv. If you have a thing for lovely tresses and twinky bods, then Tommy might tickle your fancy.

Big Winner


Someone requested for Hendrix “Jimboy” Martin‘s sexy photo and I had to look him up. Should I know him? Yes, because he’s apparently the winner in the Teen Big Brother in this fading franchise at ABS-CBN. I don’t have anything much to say about the kid (18 yo), who, once upon a time, entered a bikini contest in his Calvins.  You’re welcome.

In the Buff


Pretty soon, we’ll get to see Big Brother’s first evictee, Chevin Cecilio in the buff. After his failed attempt in the reality show, of course, he’ll do showbiz, capitalizing on his fifteen minutes of tv fame.  Will he top older brother Cherubim‘s racy photos of the past?

Hump Day Boy!

Hooray for Wednesday! Today’s special is one sexy swarthy guy who had his more than 15 minutes of fame inside the Big Brother House. Twenty-five-year-old Carlo Romero may not have won in the show [cute Slater did], but he sure got noticed by talent agents and casters. The Chicago native has decided to stay a bit for the showbiz projects coming his way. Hawt!

That Guy Slater

Is it just me or is recent Big Brother grand winner Slater Young looking gaunter and less appealing these days? After emerging from the reality tv house, the 26-year-old cutie from Cebu City lost a lot of weight. Recent photos, which had him in sexy shirtless poses reveal drawn and bony angles.

Underwear Boy

There’s a new teen in town, and he’s getting his more than 15 minutes of fame in the Big Brother house, teen edition over at ABS-CBN. What everyone doesn’t quite know yet is that Alec Dungo is fond of joining bikini and underwear contests in his home province, Laguna.

Just last year, he finished runner-up to Cargean Racho and Joven dela Cruz in the Ginoong Laguna contest. Prior to that, he was in competitions held in small bars and malls, strutting his stuff in sexy garish costumes. Will he eventually go daring in showbiz, sans the tacky ‘kinis and skivvies?

Vote for Slater!

I want 24-year-old Cebuano Jan Slater Young to win this year’s Big Brother. Well, he’s the cutest among the current finalists, and hunky Carlo, handsome Mark, pretty Jerico and sexy Ryan have all been evicted from the big house. So let’s root for the eye candy.

Pole Dancer

Okay, last of the Big Brother posts for now. So, what do you think of contestant Jerico Redrico‘s extraordinary ability to perform spins and tricks with ease in pole dancing? I’m excited to imagine he used to be an exotic dancer back in the US, with complicated routines on the pole. And then again he’s just a talented good looking guy who can do anything with poles or instruments.

Vote for Carlo

Vote for Carlo Romero, the hunky 25-year-old contestant in Big Brother, so that he’ll be in the top 14 of the reality show. Of course, he should get the gay vote, if only for the Chicago native’s penchant to go shirtless, wear wet shorts and show his cute butt on the show. To support the big guy, text BB CARLO to 2331 [Globe, TM, Sun] or 231 [Smart, Talk n’ Text].
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