Cruise: The Men of Provoq are back! [Who’s the new guy?]

The Men of Provoq are back, after a long vacuity and a bum’s rush of some members [Michael Raymond Lim and Dennis McIrvin; is Gabz del Rosario out too?]. The second edition of the Men of Provoq will be coming out with a one-night-only tease show and a coffee table book, which promises to be sexier and hotter than the first one. Here’s more info about the show from one of the top men [thank you Lex] handling the project:

Cruise A Provocative Tour is a gay party highlighted by a series of sexually charged production numbers from the Men of Provoq. The party is on August 10, 2007 at the NBC Tent. Show Starts at 9pm. VIP tickets entitle one to a free drink and entrance to a specially designated area right by the stage for the best view of the show. VIP ticket holders can also drink and interact with the Provoq Men right after the show. VIP tickets are at Php1500 and are not commercially available. You may email your contact numbers if you want reservation for our VIP tickets.

I’m particularly curious who’s the new guy in the poster, the one with the hair dryer. I’m guessing it could be model John Elmer “JE” dela Cruz [photos below], second-runner up at the Kouros 2006 Male Model Search. But then again I could be mistaken. And no, I don’t think the one in pink is part of the group.

The 400: Michael Yan

I only realized until now that this would have to be the 400th post. It has been a while since I started putting up this photo blog with the sole intention of sharing [and unloading] photo files that I have and of course, something to do at nights when I’m alone and borny [it works big time, it took my mind off such carnal matters]. Along the way, I got to meet UPH, who has since been constantly bugging me to go to the male pageants and bring my superannuated camera. Besides, he has been a good friend and listening board lately, so I haven’t been complaining – despite being a little devil himself. And then there’s demure and vince [from my PP days], who have been supportive and generous in their comments. There’s mysterious Lito [all the way from the Middle East, I think] who has been sending me all this time photos and news about male stuff. And mean and amusing J. , who’s always kvetching at my posts on Jon Mullally and Andrew Wolff [I’m now wondering why]. There’s cheriepie, a confirmed woman reader of this blog, always with encouraging comments. Plus the emails I get from wonderful people. Thank you guys, I would love to meet you someday. I am not closing this blog yet. I’m just extending my thank-you’s on this 400th post. And now here’s Michael Yan, a 24-year old model-hunk, who’s appeared in various contests and runway shows in the metro.

Cuddly Too: Mai Patdo

Michael Mico “Mai” Patdo, is a 22-year old freelance model and nurse by profession. This cuddlesome young hunk from Tarlac City graduated from the Perpetual Help College of Manila, but he was previously proclaimed as Mr. University of Baguio in 2003. He has done the runways for Street Jeans, Page, Diadora, MyX, and Purple Box, according to his bio.

Fireball: Bembol Cabasal

He was the model who sported the feminine look before: long straight hair and gracious strides. Yet, Bembol Cabasal, now 28 years old and still winning bikini contests one after the other, has stayed in the business with his new more-manful look. He first appeared in 2004 when he joined the first Bikini Open: The Pageant, where he was one of the finalists. Eventually, he was the grand winner at the 2004 Mr. and Ms. Sexy Body Bikini Open sponsored by Sta. Lucia Mall. This year, despite the presence of younger and buffer contestants, he managed to land first runner-up at the Bikini Frenzy pageant [held at Golden Sunset Resort owned by famous hairdresser Ricky Reyes] and as finalist at the Beach Bodies Bikini Championship in Subic Bay.

Is John Harren Cuevas making a comeback?

John Harren Cuevas, the former member of the male group Viva Hotmen, seems to be getting visible these days. He joined Viva Hotmen when it was just about to split for good, so nothing much came out of his showbiz career at that time. Prior to his stint in the sexy male group, John Harren was the Mister Caloocan City 2002 and the Mr. Face and Body Bikini Open 2003 in faraway Cagayan Valley. In 2004, he became a member of the Metro Hunks, a song-and-dance group of men performing in comedy and sing-along clubs in the metro. The following year, he was the grand champion in Bodyheat Model Search, which title paved the way for his inclusion in Viva Hotmen. He did a couple of straight-to-video films such as Pinoy Kamasutra and Erotic Lapdance, produced by Viva Entertainment.

I Heart Joaquin Casado

At the recent Mister Philippines 2007 pageant, my heart went out to 25-year-old Cebuano stunner Joaquin Casado. Mean brat UPH thinks Joaquin is a bobby, but I guess he was just being sincere and candid beyond the usual pageant answers of peace, love and ending world hunger. Barely inaudible in answering the main question “Why he should win” [or something in that context], he said in broken Filipino that he just wants to help his family in the province and that he is putting up with this “job”, even if it is tiring and backbreaking. Aah, Joaquin Casado must have been doing uphill battles these days. And in the biz, he wants to come off. He breaks my heart. I really hope he makes good.

Benson’s Hills and Hedges

Benson Hill is a 24-year old part-time model and bikini pageant enthusiast, more on the joining part. He has won minor league contests, but still he has not taken on the national competitions. Ian Porlayagan was in a similar path years ago and now he is the Mister Philippines. Methinks, Benson Hill can go the same way. Remember how Miss India contestants would love to mumble about having a platform or a springboard when asked why they joined the pageant? Well, with Benson Hill’s experience, he has all the skidways and gangplanks towards the national competitions. Never mind the personality training and the education. After all, winning male pageants is not rocket science.

Cuddly: Jeffrey Surio

A surefire cure to that rainy day feeling would have to be Jeffrey Surio, 24 years old and a part-time model. Hot stuff but genial and cuddlesome, Jeffrey Surio was the winner at the Coolwaves Bikini Open last year. This Malolos City, Bulacan native has been modeling for minor league designers and local brands for quite some time.

Morning Workouts [plus Paolo Bediones]

With photos from two years back, conservative tv-host Paolo Bediones,
as the image model of Carter underwear briefs, gears up for the
C Show, an underwear show at the Big Dome.

J., I went to the gym early this morning and I don’t know if it’s a delight I did not catch a glimpse of your bulked-up sunny self. But just the same, I am truly enjoying early morning gym: the fresh towels, the less-smelly lockers, the absence of sleazeball cruisers in the showers, and the friendlier staff. And of course, the benefits of morning workouts! Early morning exertion through exercise is an optimum time to lose weight through means of cardio. Because we have no carbohydrates first thing in the morning, our bodies are forced to use fat stores for energy. Another advantage of early exercise is the ability to finish a workout prior to the possible complications of our day acting as an inhibitor. Exercising in the morning gets the blood flowing to your brain, circulating precious nutrients and oxygen-rich blood to your various organs. More oxygen to your brain gives you a mental boost, helping you to stay focused all day long. And I guess, J., I will be seeing you in the mornings at the gym , then. Without avoiding eye contact this time.

Film Company in need of Filipino models

I received this email recently, and while I am on up-and-up here on the matter, this could be worth the try for some models, who fit the qualifications stated:

Hello there,
I am KEN CHIANG, executive producer of KOOL CAMPUS FILM GROUP.
I have an artiste management division and we are seeking to manage a few FILIPINO models/artistes from the Philippines for film projects.
Can u recommend a few very goodlooking and young (in 20s) male Filipino models to us?
No porn stars as we are a serious film production company.
We want models who look like Borgy or Brent Javier.
Kindly check out our website
and we go from there.
Thanks very much, —
International Marketing Producer
Kuala Lumpur Mobile: +(6012) 684 3838
Bangkok Mobile: +(6689) 059 0078

It seems like the company needs chinito models, the Oriental mold. Someone like Michael Carlo Ganac, perhaps? The 5’9″-tall chinito is a graduate of BS Psychology from the Far Eastern University. A part-time model, he has been in and out of bikini contests for a time, most prominent of which was the Ginoong Filipinas-Metro Manila prelims to the national contest and the Zambales Bikini Open 2005

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