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Sexy Pixie: Dennis Dimalibot

Pixie-faced Dennis “Denden” Dimalibot shot to minor fame when he bagged the Mr. Kouros 2005 title. Of course, he had to be in a bikini there. From there, this Oriental Mindoro native was cast as one of the models in the Cosmopolitan Philippines magazine’s 69th Street Bachelors’ Bash last year. This 21-year old guy has also done modeling stints for designers in the metro.

Orientalia: Junnel Liwanag

Junnel Hernando is a model and part-time actor who did shows for A-list fashion designers in Manila then. He also appeared as a bit player in movies, often cast as the Japanese or Taiwanese gangster. He went to Singapore and did fashion shows there, most memorable of which were the Cartier and DKNY productions. However, a model’s life is too short and he has not been seen since. Photos above were taken from the bookazine Rice.

Tropical Bodies

Hmm, so these are tropical bodies? I recently got on my mail this picture from and I thought it will be worth reposting. These are the winners of the Tropical Bodies 2007 held at Lips Bar, the one near the MRT J. Ruiz station, along Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City. I do not have any idea as to where these boys came from except the one in the middle who has been figuring lately in that bikini-or-none-at-all show of late. His name is Xavier Manahan, who seems cute. First runner-up’s name is Emmanuel Villa and 2nd runner-up is Ivan Maxwell. And before I forget, summer fashion will be gossamer and gauzy underwear, to flaunt one’s ready assets.

Lustful: Jay Villanueva

Twenty-one year old Jay Villanueva has a degree in Automotive Engineering and is a part-time model. This Angeles City native who stands at 5’10” is relatively new in the biz as he was only discovered recently in his biggest ramp project yet, the Rough Rider Jeans fashion show. He also has plans of entering the circus otherwise known as showbiz.

Vote for Vince Canizares!

Despite the bad press and the appendectomy scar, I’m still rooting for this Cebuano model in the 2007 Century Tuna Superbods Beachfest. Vince, who is 23 years old and stands at 6’1″ has been modeling for 6 years now, and I think this will be the first time he has joined a looks-and-brawn contest. Log on to to cast your votes.

How is Edward Mendez doing?

Then [photos above] and Now [below]

At the first Mossimo Bikini Summit in 2002, one Filipino-American boy stood out because of his distinctly boyish looks and eloquence. Although Edward Mendez did not win in the contest [Winner was Carlo Maceda and 1st RU Jordan Herrera], he got offers from talent casters to do commercials. He appeared as resident pinup boy of Cosmopolitan Philippines magazine and has also graced the runways for top designers in Manila. For a time he was the it boy of the Manila modeling world, until he invaded the movies too [his last one was called Pinay Pie with a Assunta de Rossi and Aiaidelas Alas]. Suddenly he disappeared and next thing we know, he is back in his native Maryland – buffed, ripped and roaring.

Inviting: Alvin Fortuna

Alvin Fortuna aka Alvin Marquez is a part-time actor who was last seen in Marina, that mermaid series on ABS-CBN some seasons back. At 5’11”, he also modeled for Cinderella Department Store and Bank of the Philippine Islands TVCs. Some dish: He was on tv last year defending his minor actor-friend who goes by the distinct name of Criselda Volks, who was said to be pregnant. He denied being the father of the child. Ms. Volks denied the pregnancy and when asked about Mr. Fortuna, the woman just rolled her eyes up with a perverse grin. And we all got her answer well. Such a fag hag this woman!

Winsome: Charles Oliva

Twenty-three year old Charles Boyer Oliva is a part-time model and “part-time bodybuilder”, according to his resume. [I wish I could be a part-time bodybuilder, too. Seriously. Yes, I do.] This 5’11” guy graduated with a BS Hotel and Restaurant Management degree from the University of Santo Tomas. As a trainee with Segafredo Zanetti in Greenbelt, Makati City, he was approached by a talent agent to try doing the rounds of VTRs in casting agencies. His first job was the September 2006 catalogue model for Hang Ten. He used to work for a call center [Convergys], but now that he has resigned, he says he wants to “concentrate on modeling.” Natch!

Paco Arespacochaga is up again!

I had the most peculiar crushes when I was younger. One of them was Paco Arespacochaga, the lead drummer in the then-popular band Introvoys. Paco left the Philippines in 2001, several months after he and singer Geneva Cruz separated. Their marriage was annulled long after that. On the strength of an extraordinary-ability visa, Paco is now a green card-holder and legally a US citizen, along with his wife Tiny. Paco quietly slipped into town a few weeks ago to celebrate the 11th birthday of his son with Geneva Cruz, Heaven. Apparently, Introvoys [see] has also regrouped as most of the band members are all based now in the US. Pic below is Paco as he looks today.

Brent and Kiko, Who?

I did not see the movie, I must admit, but the guys’ photos are somehow worth posting. Brent Lee is the guy with the bad hair while Kiko Montenegro is the somehow sallow one on the right. They are in the indie movie called Pantasya which was produced by Viva Entertainment, which movie was screened only at the UP Film Center, if I’m not mistaken.

And more Brent and Kiko:

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