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Whatever happened to Denver Olivarez?

After his failed bid at the Mister Philippines contest, current Ginoong Pilipinas titleholder Denver Olivarez [Dennis Barrion in the real word] just seems to be inactive these days, away from the beckoning foot lights of showbiz. Before winning the national pageant, Den was a law student at the Ateneo, with an undergraduate course in Math from the Loyola campus of the same university. Now, he appeared bent on making a mark in the biz, but his best friend Piolo-copy Rico Lazaro seems to be getting all the projects.

Mano Mano: Michael Roy Jornales

Michael Roy Jornales is one of the featured fighters in ABS-CBN’s rip-off of The Contender – Pinoy Mano Mano. Michael Roy was first seen as the grand winner of Little Dreamboy, a kids’ talent and personality show on the now-defunct SangLinggo nAPO Sila noontime show on ABS-CBN. He disappered for a while, and recently reappeared on rival station GMA 7 as one of the martial arts experts on the hit fantasy series Encantadia. Now he is back on ABS-CBN as one of the contenders in the boxing show. He is into mixed martial arts and he considers it his advantage in the contest.

Victor Basa looked a lot better …..

…… when he was younger, as seen in the photos above. He had those full lips and not-so-emaciated bod. Now, he looks a bit thin and tired, with those lips getting crookeder and crookeder. On a recent vacation, with nothing else to do but to watch tv and eat, I got to see him on the 24-hour feed of Big Brother. Victor is like a lost pup in the Big Brother show. Utterly reserved with an excruciatingly sad air, Victor tries to fit in the motley group inside the house. Yet, he chose to be there – so let’s see how far he goes…

Coco Martin is busy

Born Rodel Nacianceno, Coco Martin is the most daring member of The Studs. Coco is the latest addition to the group, which came out recently with a glossy skin calendar. He has also done several indie films lately, foremost of which was the Locarno Golden Leopard awardee Masahista. He recently finished the digital flicks Ataul for Rent – where he played a prostitute [again], Tambolista , Nars and currently Batanes.

Watch “Sikil” on November 22

Director Roni Bertubin just got in from Valencia, Espana where he attended the premiere of Sikil at the Mostra de Valencia/Cinema del Mediterrani Film Festival. He reports that the indie movie got rave reviews from the tough European critics. The movie will have its world premiere again at the 2007 Cancun International Film Festival on November 14-18, and at the UP Film Center on November 22 with two screenings – 5 pm and 7 pm. Tickets at Php 150.00. Photo above is one of the lead actors – Ken Escudero aka Alvin Asuncion. More photos and updates coming up.

It’s Ernesto Calopez!

Look, it’s Ernesto Calopez once again! The comments page in the previous post about the guy was littered with a word war over the guy between females. Whatever such fight is all about, I guess we’ll have to take into context the fact that Jonjon is such a visual delight in person – young, tall, fit, and chinito. Now, if only regular reader cherrypie will update us on what’s happening with Jonjon lately…
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