Do wacky and sexy combine well enough? TV host, radio jock and comic Sam Gogna a.k.a. Sam YG attempts to do just that as he poses in his cotton underwear. Born and raised here to Indian parents, the 26-year-old funny guy made the transition to tv recently with his alter-ego Guru Shivaker, an Indian man who jokes about everything, uh, Indian.


It looks like Aljur‘s getting most of the votes in the survey below. But don’t count out Railey Valeroso just yet. He was a teen heartthrob back in the days when pubescent boys and girls actually stayed home on Saturday afternoons to watch awkward young actors ham it up for teenybopper love. Now, the 24-year-old [?] Railey is making a sexy comeback on tv. Do you think he is sexy enough for an X-RAY mag shoot?


I’ll keep it simple. This is a survey. Type in the comments page the names of boys that you would like to see featured in an X-RAY-type magazine a la Mike Tan or Prince Stefan. I’ll gather the most number of nominations by the weekend, put the top 15 or 20 in a poll box in the site and you can vote for 10 days for your best bet. Who knows, your favorite boy might just appear in a racy, risqué magazine pretty soon? I’ll start – I want these two 20-year-olds and Starstruck alum to pose sexy for a mag: Vivo Ouano [left] and Mart Escudero.


That’s Tito Fortunato “Tutti” Caringal, drummer and back up vocals of the alternative band 6Cyclemind. He’s also one of the featured men in the recently-released sexy rag Folio, which is about to be sold out in stores. The singer and host also appeared shirtless at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash.

Of Age

No, it’s not actually Mature Men Week. It’s just that I have this photo of 37-year-old actor John Estrada and I thought I’ll share it with you. He’s been in the news lately, announcing his marriage early next year to a Brazilian beauty queen. He is now one of the hosts of a Sunday noontime show in fledgling channel TV5.

Vintage Sunday 1

Despite his recent career failings and shortcomings, 44-year-old actor Richard Gomez was the quintessential leading man of his time. Tall, very dark and handsome, a then 20-year-old upstart crew worker from MacDonalds appeared in the movies as an awkward lead with lots of appeal and charm. He steered local clothing brand Bench to new heights when he appeared in its ads endorsing shirts, jeans and briefs. Back then, he was one of the very few actors brave enough to wear small speedos and jockeys for promo pictures.


No matter what this little guy wears, he looks adorable. Well, in addition to the fact that he looks like he’s always bursting in his britches, Ren Villanueva has a nice physique and a cute face. Too bad, he’s only 5’7″-tall, not enough tallness for modeling on the runways. And then again, his lack in height is more than accounted for by that prominence down there.