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Still another photo of perennial Bench Body underwear model Borgy Manotoc taming his snakes, seemingly out of control. To repeat the question: What if you didn’t know his politics? What if he’s just an ordinary young man modelling briefs, would you lust for him?

Mac Up

Model Mark Manicad could very well be the King of Tease on the runway. He’s practically nekkid, in a fig-leaf-cover kind of way whenever he walks the Cosmo Bash stage. And then again, he’s such a cutie, he can get away with it just fine. Mark is also an occasional actor, doing bit roles on prime time soaps.

The Mayor’s Wife

Marco Morales plays a closeted gay politician who marries a woman for cover. Little does he know that the woman he married also uses their marriage for convenience to exact revenge.  Johnron Tanada plays his driver/lover. Ang Misis ni Meyor [The Mayor’s Wife] premieres on 11 December 2013,  9 p.m. at the SM Megamall Cinema 9. [Will Marco come home from self-imposed exile in Sydney to promote the movie? Johnron from Macau, too?]  Regular showing starts 18 December at SM Cinemas. The movie was written and directed by the same filmmaker of the controversial Taksikab.

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