The Top 10 of 2013

The top ten posts based on the unique page views [as of December 30]! Last year, the top post was all about the cute brothers Roque, followed by Benjamin Alves’s nether hair. Now, it’s back to dicks and more dicks, as you viewed a relatively old picture more than a thousand times to top the list. Page views in itals after the title –
1.   Not So Vintage Sunday [May 12], 20,076. Gio Gapas and Justin de Leon fornicating.
2.   Miscellany Saturday [August 10], 18,586. Boys, lots of boys in various stages of undress.
3.   On The Occasion Of Aljur’s “Macho Dancing”  [April 27], 18,240. Aljur. Dancing. Sexy.
4.   Ode To Forbidden Love [July 25], 17,774. Jake and Joem by the river naked.
5.   Bent [July 5], 16,504. Jake and Joem promoting their gay flick.
6.   Kalokalike [June 2], 16,478. Ex-hustler Jon Romano winning a lookalike contest.
7.   Whois [April 17], 16,171. Jhong Hilario’s dick slip.
8.   Miscellany Saturday [September 14], 15,444. More boys!
9.   Thrusting [June 3], 15,326. Justin de Leon getting it from behind.
10. Centerfolds 2013 [September 2], 15,069.  The Cosmo centrefolds this year.

Metro Body: John James

It’s John James Uy‘s turn to do another round of sexy. Post BeBench, the cute model and bit player is active on tv again. He’s daring and baring in this year’s Body Issue of Metro Magazine.  Buy the magazine, featuring hot boys [and girls] in various degrees of nakedness for the magazine’s 25th year anniversary celebration!

The Year That Was: Most Popular

UPDATED AGAIN because I did this post literally in the dark – You all know the most popular post in terms of comments made. The Mr. Porter post, of course! All about basketball players in schools. It could be a good resource post, you know. But did you know that 7 or 8 in the top 15 with most comments made all had one person in common? Kennedy Alfonso. Personality or Boyfriend or Strumpet of the Year, if you ask me. Here’s the Top Fifteen list, with the title of the post followed by the number of comments in itals. 
1.    Mr. Porter Says Hi [August 13], 1089. Varsity players rule!
2.    Kenny Can’t Lie [September 5], 450. Ken likes big breasts.
3.    Whois [April 28], 372. Meet Albert Guinto, rich model and bikini open veteran.
4.    Cavort [July 16], 328. Ahron goes on vacay with the rich bf!
5.    Kenny Goldmine [May 7], 309. Kennedy Alfonso in the flesh!
6.    Ahron Does A Selfie [May 19], 261. Kennedy’s bf Albert’s ex, with the bulge.
7.    Eye Kennedy [July 27], 238. Kennedy’s launch into showbiz.
8.    Whois [April 1], 200. Intro of Kennedy Alfonso.
9.    Waiting [October 21], 173. Ahron’s plump buttocks.
10.   Imagining Martin [December 20], 142. Martin del Rosario in undies.
11.   Block Solo [April 3], 141. All about cute volleyball player Mark Lee.
12.   Paolo Loves Us [March 29], 119. The Kennedy connection.
13.   Power Forward [August 14], 109. Cute basketball player Martin Reyes.
14.   Tom’s World [November 14], 104. Tom Rodriguez for Bench Body!
15.   Sounds Like [May 9], 102.  One-time Albert Guinto friend Teejay Marquez.

Metro Body: Carlos

This, by far, is actor, bodybuilder and underwear model Carlos Agassi‘s sexiest shoot yet, with his penis and balls thrust somewhere inside a Gucci stirrup jaguar print handle bag. Lucky bag, and I heard that one’s for sale. At a premium.  Image is from the Body Issue of Metro Magazine. Go buy! 

Metro Body: John Carlo

Every year, Metro Magazine [Phils] comes out with a New Year special featuring hot, hot bodies in various stages of undress. On the magazine’s 25th year, the Metro Body issue packs the men [and women] in one scorcher of an issue, featuring Ms. Universe 3d runner-up Ariella Arida on the cover. Buy the January 2014 issue of the magazine! BTW, that’s JC de Vera with the Lucrezia multi print Givenchy bag.

Now and Then

The “NOW”part would have to be the one in green. For a time, Jon Mullally a.k.a. Jon Avila lorded it over the Bench Body underwear empire as one of the favoritest models. Now, he’s hardly seen on national tv and the ads of the underthings company. With the latest image of Jon, is he still hawt? Hypothetically, would you pay Php 50k just to be with him?