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No costume yet? How about Ivan Carapiet‘s thorny head mask? Plus VPL, of course.

Hot hunk standing by the doorway

Marx copy

What will you do if you see this hot hunk in your bedroom doorway? Say, underwear model and occasional actor Marx Topacio is down to his white briefs and you see some throbbing blob, too? Will you grab the opportunity?



If you like buttocks – soft, round, plump and bouncy buttocks, then Brazilian model George Irineu might just be the guy for you. His bunda  (Brazilian for bottom) is bringing the OMG on for large rear ends. There’s just something about a man with a bubble butt. What’s your take?

IMG_5701Frontal’s not so bad, too.


Carlito Gonzales sells his milk. Any takers?


This is what Albie Casino would look like if he’s getting oral pleasure from you and me.



A chunky hunky full-grown man


A chunky hunky full-grown man, this Justine Cruz is.  Sexy as fuck, Justine has seen the rounds of last season’s bikini competitions, winning some and losing others.  Maybe he can do indie flicks, of the flesh and queer variety.  He can do the tiny bikinis and probably run nekkid, too, on the beach, on a lovely bare-skinned romp. How’s that?

At a Glance


Jakey giving the stiff one-eye on Allen Molina.


Contribution for the day: some guy called Troy Montez from an indie flick.


Splendor in the grass (by the pool), Diego Furoni.

Camo Chic


That’s Rookie Renz Dilla in camouflage chic – shirt and cap and the obligatory pistol, ready to shoot. Tee-hee. This guy’s all around the male bikini pageant circuit, and he is one hot and flawless chinito!

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