Light and breezy

Let’s keep things light, guys. A friend sent a cheer-up note yesterday and it gave me more than a cheer reading his email, which came with all those gay question-and-answer jokes. My favorite, of course, was this: Q. Is there really evidence that Man descended from the apes? A. [gay contestant looks behind him] Thank you so much for that question. Yes, I believe so. Just look at contestant no. 3. I couldn’t stop laughing out loud last night. And the guys above, posted for illustration puposes only, are [from left]: Hamudi, Fhons and Gabriel.

What are you looking at?

Okay, there were some pretty decent entries in the past few days. There were mestizos and chinitos and actors and classy male mods in modest briefs and speedos. Now, it’s time for the usual fare. Yes, it’s Hamudi Khileifat wearing beads and more beads! He’s the half-Jordanian guy who went all out in some flesh shows in Metro Bar and Lips. He also participated in some minor bikini contests last summer.

Hamudi and Ram Ace

The rains are coming! The last of the bikini contests are being held [remember Subic Beach Bodies 2008 was held while a typhoon was passing through outside?] Pretty soon, the speedos and the tackiest-but-we’re-not-complaining bikinis will be air-dried and tucked somewhere in a musky drawer until next season. Our last reminders of the bikini open season are Hamudi Khileifat and Ram Ace Bautista, who were the daring ones in such contests. Interestingly enough, the two have made themselves scarce lately from bikinidom come. Maybe next year again then…

Hamudi and the driver’s son

Sounds like one short story, eh? Fortunately, it is not one novella about Hamudi and the driver’s son. I just want to position Hamudi Khileifat‘s photo side by side with an image of Ryan [right photo] a.k.a. the driver’s son in this site [refer to previous comments on Boylets]. They are wearing the same, er, underwear. But the photos were taken at different occasions and places – Hamudi’s at Lips Bar most recently, and the driver’s son’s image at Spirits Coyote Bar in Malate District two years ago.

Exotic: Hamudi Khileifat

Summer’s definitely here, and it’s the time for bikini contests featuring boys who want to have a shot at their 15 minutes of half-naked fame. One of them is half-Jordanian, half-Filipino Hamudi Khileifat, who first appeared in the infamous All Out series, before he had a falling out with his handlers. The 19-year-old is now a freelance model, usually for bikini shows and contests around the metro.