Jet Stream

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The things I still get in the mail. Is this even him?

Hi Ho Silver!

The Pinoy Porn Superstar Silver Daliwag graces our black-and-white screen today with his hotness. And then some. There’s not much to say, except that everything is there – no grays and colors in between. Sometimes the best shots to define the human body come in B&W. (more…)

Anal Impeaching Nail

In lineal champaign



Mirror, mirror on the grimy wall, who’s the no. 1 famewhore of the year? These ones provided the sidebar entertainment, as they’re not really of the celebrity kind. More like social media discoveries, talked about and re-posted on Twitter and sometimes on Facebook. These are the raciest boys of the year:

GNOC:  Ranked 4th in the hierarchy of famewhoring this year. He’s the tamest. No sex video yet.

IWSN: This guy likes posting about his sexual conquests. Oft times, he goes Live on FB *gasp!

CU46: A very close second, he does it for money, as he performs all too well in front of the camera.

THOT: No one beats this one. He posts photos and videos of his nekkid self almost every fuckin’ day. He spews bile, too, and that puts him on top (or bottom, whatever).

The Boy


I get all sorts of crazy emails, but this one is too good not to share. Just the photo, as I have to let you search the world wide web for the revealing video. Paolo Mariano is a student and commercial model, who is too cute he could pass for a little Catholic schoolboy. With a naughty, nasty tool side.



The morning after . . .


Jerome1 Jerome2

Candids, actually. Jerome Edward Tan is one of the official candidates in the annual Century Tuna Superbods spectacle. He deserves to be in the finals because of the delectable bumps and bulges all over. Please note Exhibits 1 and 2 above. There are no Exhibits 3 and 4 as further proof of his manhood muscularity. I swear. None.

Fresh Man

He’s “a new face, a fresh stud and a gorgeous hunk.” That’s how the video package describes newcomer Andrew Miguel in the new sexy flick Freshman. I’m not so sure about the story but the cover of the DVD [and VCD] says it all: Catch him as he tells his story, as he enjoys the HEAT and as he shows us what he’s got!” Well, the last time I heard, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB], which is now entrusted with the task of reviewing and approving DVDs and other optical media, disapproved the movie from being released for commercial purposes. I guess we’ll have to wait for a while, as sooner or later, we’ll see Freshman on the shelves of SM stores.

Titillating: Edward Paez

Twenty-four year old freelance model Edward Paez first came into the collective consciousness of a few gay guys sometime in 2004 when he joined the Ginoong Pilipinas pageant. The dark-skinned lad didn’t get to win the title and went back to school afterwards. Edward Paez took up a BS course in Electronics and Communications Engineering at the famed Mapua Institute of Technology. After school, he went on to appear in the fashion runways and in teevee and print advertisements. He was last memorably seen in the commercial that raised awareness on dyspepsia. Too, he is remembered for brainlessly recording on amateur video his sexual episode with a woman, with his privates exposed. I think UPH posted it somewhere in his site.