Happy New Year!

Wow, such a year! Of course, you know the big stories of 2008 in this site – the pimps and hos and the photoshopped naked guy [Yes, the photos were fixed. Fabricated. Forged. Really.]. But I think our big man for 2008 was Akihiro Sato, hands down.  All posts about the Brazilian [with Japanese roots] model never failed to elicit positive comments and e-mails. He is really well-liked in the industry.  And methinks 2009 will be a big year for him, too. What with showbiz knocking at his door, aside from the commercial endorsements and ramp assignments.  Happy New Year everyone!

More Marco!

Here’s more of Marco Morales ! Except for the novel and inventive idea of putting on dark eye makeup, he looks mighty fine and erotic. And sensual. And handsome, still. This is part of the promo pics for his new movie Butas, which will preem soon. Most probably it will be at the UP Film Institute because it has “lots of male frontal nudity” and the State U is not exactly under the control of the film board.  So there, watch out for the setting of the screening, which will be in January!

Marco Morales in Butas!

The newest gay sensation – actor-dancer-singer Marco Morales is back in a new movie in 2009, Butas [English translation – Loophole] from Leo Films. Of course, the daring actor of Walang Kawala won’t fail us again in our expectations as this promises to be a fairly good independent movie. With “lots of male frontal nudity.”  The movie also stars Allen Dizon, among others.  The new year promises something big, right?

Tom, Dick and Harry

Hey look! Three guys wearing transparent underthings! Of course, this image was taken at the bar formerly known as Lips.  And it would be dinky to know their names, right? Because what’s more, uh, pressing is what’s down there. The thing is, just about anyone with the proper body and hard mettle is disrobing in front of the cameras. Which makes it all exciting for us in the coming year, don’t you think so?  What’s that again about variety being the spice of some things?

Rayver Cruz will do Twilight

He does seem vampirey enough.  Don’t look now but ABS-CBN reportedly bought the rights to make a tv adaptation of the hit vampire novel, Twilight.  Yes, the film version was shown recently and the lead actor looked handsome and gorgeous.  The Philippine version  will have 19-year-old actor-dancer Rayver Cruz as Edward Cullen and I’m at sixes and sevens as to how the tv station will pull it off. The series, which will be shot in Baguio, Tagaytay and Bukidnon [high-altitude places], has been fully cast and taping will start by February next freakin’ year. This would be fun.

Gabriel Fajardo brings holiday cheer

Remember that boy Gabriel Fajardo who appeared in leopard-print thongs more than a year ago? Well I’m putting him back here in another one of those gauzy fabrics, posing right at the bar formerly known as Lips in San Juan.  I’m not so sure though if he’s still an eyewear store clerk in some mall. Heck, I don’t even know what day job he’s holding right now. All I’m aware of is that lately, he’s been a regular contestant at the bar’s weekly contests.  Cheers!

I hate the holidays because ….

..I’m getting plump from all the free food and the endless sleeping hours. Somehow I envy 39-year-old actor Aga Muhlach. Look, he can go from fat to fit like a 100-to-zero blazing sports car. Just like that.  But, frankly, I always liked Aga Muhlach a bit on the pudgy side, with all those bulges and blobs and bumps . He looks cuter in that state, just like in the candid image above when he was shooting for his latest movie in Boracay Island.  I wonder how he’s putting on the scale this season.

Stunner: Ethan Zulueta

Ethan Zulueta [Mark Santos in the real world] was one of the better looking members of the pioneering provocative primp-and-prance pack, the Viva Hotmen.  He did a couple of straight-to-video flicks for his group, most notable of which was the one where he did a shower and massage scene totally naked with another member, McMeil Dennison. After a bit of luck in theater and his group got disbanded, he disappeared from showbiz.  He could still be seen around bars and clubs in the city. Socializing.


I don’t even know his name yet, but this one’s too good to pass up. Firm bod, charming face, nice color and those cheeks! Fleshly and fleshy! I have some more photos in my files, and maybe you can help me ID this guy – maybe you’ve seen him in a boy-group, a bar, a bikini contest, a reality search. Or perhaps in your Multiply, Friendster or Facebook.  Or then he could also be in Craigslist or some other online community.  I know I’ve seen him somewhere but I just can’t remember yet. Have a nice day!

Dick-a-Day: Christian Medina

It’s post-Christmas weekend and what are you planning to do?  After all the chaos, adrenaline rush and euphoria over the holidays, it is time to rest and relax! Christian Medina is our boy for today, in the altogether.  And while he noticeably rubber-choked the monkey, 23-year-old Christian still looks slinky and hot in this image.  He was a regular entertainer at the bar formerly known as Lips, a native of Balagtas in Bulacan province and stands 5’10”.