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The Last Prince

On 11 January 2010, Aljur Abrenica will appear as The Last Prince on prime time tv. This is the newest fantasy series of GMA 7 featuring the young hunk in a leading role. The story is somewhat Beauty and the Beast except that Aljur gets to walk the palace grounds shirtless in shiny jodhpurs. Which is a visual treat actually because Aljur really worked out hard for this role. Mark the date then for the start of the nightly incidents of a half-nekkid Aljur – Monday next week.


See, no matter what this little guy wears, he looks, uh, adorable. Well, in addition to the fact that he looks like he’s always bursting in his britches, Ren Villanueva has a nice physique and a cute face. Too bad, he’s only 5’7″-tall, not enough tallness for modeling on the runways. And then again, his lack in height is more than compensated by that prominence down there. Hell yeah!


He’s tall, dark and dark. His name is Dave Velasco, who’s always under the radar in bikini contests and shows. He was the Mr. Physique awardee in last year’s Heatwave Bikini Showdown [won by Kish McBride a.k.a. Julian Kish]. Dave’s a bit attractive and sexy and it helps that he has well-defined muscles to show.


This year’s new daring guy in the gay indie circuit is Jeff Luna. Well, he has been at it for a couple for years already, with a few movies tucked under his tight briefs. He has done the full monty and the full fronty in his small movies, and yet, he’s still showing ’em that he’s no one-trick pony [no pun] in gay soft porn cinema. He has made a few more movies soon to be released this year. I’m wondering what he’ll show next.


In the early 200os, the rage among male models was the chicken-chested, under-nourished, sexually-ambiguous figure. Now, that image of a starving model is gone, and fashion houses abroad are now going toward men with some muscles and a physique. I’m writing this because I don’t really know where to put Robert Declaro. He has some muscles and a physique but he looks a bit chunky for a model. This 5’11’-tall cutie from San Pablo City used to have a better and more defined physique, circa Body Shots 2008.


It’s bikini contest veteran Patrick Rivera, and he’s rough, ready and sweaty in this pic! He’s also reminding us that bikini contest season is just a few months away. Which means that the boys are already rummaging through their boxes of Speedos and Bench Body briefs [and the occasional Thai exotic dancer thongs]. As for Patrick, it seems that he’s retiring from the scene for now. He has not been seen for quite some time after his Lips exposure.

Buff DD

Is Dingdong‘s butt that flat? Apparently, the Bench guys did not do their job well in the photoshopping department. Cosmo [Phils] magazine did better work a few years ago when he was the main man in the annual centerfolds supplement. Just the same, he still looks hot in this photo – torso and all. Will we be seeing more nekkid Dingdong photos for Bench this year, now that there’s an exodus of actor-endorsers to the other brands?


The holidays are over. It is time to brace for work weeks ahead! In the meantime enjoy and relax, just like this guy over here. A familiar face in the bikini open circuit, Christian Navesis has been around competitions in and around the metro. He has also modeled for the gay mags some years back. His biggest break came when he was cast as one of the supporting actors in the exotic show boys movie Twilight Dancers. With the onset of summer a few months from now, we should be expecting Christian Navesis once more in his tighty whities [or skimpy Speedos] on stage.

Monroe Appeal

Twenty-two-year-old model Sebastian Monroe is a multi-racial [he says he is German, Irish, Korean and Native Indian] model who was part of the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 2009 list of hot and new bachelors. This 6′-tall cutie from Alabama, USA has already done modeling work in New York City before traveling around Asia for commercial and print campaigns. He also did runway shows for top designers in the metro.
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