Independent movie producers, take heed! Here’s a newcomer with that fresh, innocent look. Bright eyed and bushy-tailed, Sachio Maruyama is in the big city to try his luck. This 20-year-old cutie from Daanbantayan, Cebu has that raw and radiant appeal that Coco Martin used to have when he was just starting in showbiz. Sachio, who is Filipino-Japanese, hopes to make it big in showbusiness. For now, he’s hitting the road to stardom via bikini contests this summer.

Stands Out

The buzz is that the latest billboard of Bench Body underwear featuring a very sexy Jake Cuenca in floral print briefs was removed most recently at the Magallanes Interchange in Makati City. No one knows the reason about the sudden pulling down of the advertisement except that it was too racy for a heavy-traffic area. The “Lost in Summer” campaign of Bench is surely generating some rumble with Jake in the news. Who knows the lurid image of Jake in tiny flower-patterned briefs will go up again pretty soon? In the meantime, Jake dons the neon underwear in the image above.


Will Rafael Rosell be headlining this summer’s campaign for the Bench Body underwear line? In the past few years, Rafael was one of the main guys wearing skimpy skivvies for the local brand. His images were in the hot summer billboards and posters around town. Now that Bench is coming out with the “Lost in Summer” campaign, will Rafael be the top guy or will it be someone else? Like, say Jake for example.


And the winner of the Underwear Model With The Biggest Bulge Contest is Brazilian Hideo Muraoka for Folded & Hung! The 21-year-old model from Sao Paulo is not actually coy and conscious posing for the local brand’s briefs and boxers line. His posters and billboards in the metro have become traffic hazard for the audacious display of tight muscles and puffed out bumps in tight briefs.

Re-posting Lance

I’m re-posting some photos upon the request of a good friend who’s having a fixation on this guy lately. Three years ago, male model Lance Howard was one of the better-looking contestants, actually a motley group of boys in funny tiny bikinis competing for the title Ginoong Pilipinas 2007. The 6’1″-tall mestizo represented Quezon City in the national competition, where he lost to the then Ateneo law student Dennis Barrion. Lance is now one of the top male models in his batch, regularly seen in TVCs and in the runways for top designers and brands.


Hey indie movie producers! You forgot this one out. His name is Gamac Mendoza, a pageant regular. He can do the tiny bikinis and probably run nekkid, too, on the beach. He’s chunky-hunky on a 6′-frame. I’m not so sure now if he still holds that day job as a wholesale coordinator for a supermarket chain. And then again, you can still shoot his scenes at night or on weekends. On the beach, on a lovely bare-skinned romp. How’s that?


New movie SRO [Standing Room Only] is about the lurid goings-on inside the seedy-sordid movie houses with X-rated double features. Actually it is all about the rentboys inside the cinema, and how their stories connect with each other. Kris King returns to his turf – the dark corners of a movie house, where he gets to mingle and tingle some ding dongs, more specifically those of comer Rain Javier and Charles Delgado [in picture] of Booking fame. SRO is slated for showing on 3 February 2010 in limited theaters.

Why is Dennis Trillo…

…. straight? Because he is a man on the make, a skirt chaser. Most girls love him, because he is cute and small and seemingly harmless. And then again that didn’t quite answer the question why he is a hot-blooded heterosexual male because I know someone who is gay and nevertheless well-loved by almost all girls in the land. Dennis Trillo is straight because he is amorously attracted and attentive to women. He likes girls in a sexual, romantic way. And although he loves to flirt and court them pretty ladies, he doesn’t go cutesy in interviews about his “pure intentions” and “courting the traditional way.” So there.

Starting Early

Funny how they are really starting out very, very early. They refers to that special species called male bikini pageant contestants. Case in point is cutie John Canterbury from Taytay, Rizal. He is barely legal at 18 years, and he has done some hasty rounds last year in the bikini open circuit. He has won some and has made a lasting impression. Obviously. Expect to see more of Mr. Canterbury when summer sets in and the underwear contests get underway!

New Movies!

Santuaryo. After the successful run of Bayaw, Climax Films is putting out once again a sexy flick featuring the bestest boys you see regularly in bikini competitions. The title of the movie is Santuaryo [Sanctuary], which is about “Six boys. Trapped on an island. Anything can happen.” Get the drift? The boys are [left-right]: Basti Romero, Gino Quintana, Nicos Bacani, Justin Dizon, AJ Ona and Ralph Mateo. The movie is directed by the controversial Monti Parungao of Sagwan. Watch out for announcements on the start of the commercial showing of Santuaryo in March. The teaser trailer is here.

D’ Survivors. Astral Productions is coming out with a new movie featuring the top male models you see regularly in print ads and on the runways. The title of the movie is D’ Survivors, which is about “male models lost and bored in an island after a plane crash.” The stars of the movie are: [standing, l-r] – Fabinho Ide, Daniel Matsunaga and Rocky Salumbides, [seated, l-r] – Don Mendoza, Lemuelle Pelayo and Kerbie Zamora. Not in the pictures is Alizon Andres a.k.a. Jubail Andres, who is also part of the models ensemble. D’ Survivors is under the direction of Adolfo Alix, Jr. of Daybreak. It will be shown in March in selected theaters.