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In Due Time

And today we get a serving of fairly vintage Hideo Muraoka. Back when he was just starting out on Philippine shores, he was made to wear all the skimpy underwear in fashion and commercial shows. Of course, he’s still doing that these days, and he’s never been hotter than ever.

In Action

It seems like the PR machine’s pretty well, uh, oiled these days for perennial bit player Joseph Marco. The 22-year-old commercial model is again on the cover of a magazine, this time on Men’s Health [Phils]. Judging from the track of his images on paper, we will be seeing more of him half nekkid.

Friday Man

Rounding up this week’s cast of current underwear models in the country is fly-in hottie Alejandro Corzo Suarez. He’s 26 years old and from Asturias, Spain. He has been modeling since he was 13 years old, from New York City to Europe and Asia.

Marvin’s Back

Never mind the nasty underwear. He’s still cute and hot, isn’t he? Marvin Wijangco may have semi-retired from showbiz for now, but the 5’11”-tall model still has what it takes to blaze through the scene. Marvin is making a comeback in commercial modeling with his new orange juice ad via giant billboards around town.

Hump Day Boy!

Hooray for Wednesday! Today’s special is one sexy swarthy guy who had his more than 15 minutes of fame inside the Big Brother House. Twenty-five-year-old Carlo Romero may not have won in the show [cute Slater did], but he sure got noticed by talent agents and casters. The Chicago native has decided to stay a bit for the showbiz projects coming his way. Hawt!


While we’re on the subject of underwear models, here’s one who is way up there in that sexy league. Muscled actor Carlos Agassi may not be that busy working in showbiz these days but he surely has all the time to work out for his Guitar underwear endorsement. Hard work shows, natch!


And Monday we get an exclusive, actor and underwear model Jason Abalos, who is getting better and sexier every day. His new set of photos for Cotton Club underwear reveals a hotter and leaner Jason. When he’s not doing indie flicks, Jason plays leading man in the afternoon soaps of his network.

Vintage Ian

And while it’s Sunday, lazy Sunday, we go vintage and dig up some previous hot photos. This time it’s Ian Leonel Porlayagan, eternal bikini open boy and now the poster boy of the casting couch in the modeling biz. He’s apparently moved up the ladder a bit, from the runways of Manila to the catwalks of Bangkok and Singapore. Is he back?

More Enzo

Is Enzo Pineda the new it boy over at Bench Body headquarters? Apparently, his new ads and posters are causing ripples, no, make that waves among fashion [and boy-watching] pundits around town. Hopefully, his sexier image will mean more projects for this 21-year-old GMA talent.


The thing with actor Orlando Sol is that he looks so potent and manful, you could actually smell his testosterone, the scent of a virile young man. In this day of Brazilian and various fly-in models, Orlando is a welcome sight indeed – a dark chunk of a hunk. The beefcake is still seen in theater acts, afternoon tv drama series and of course, as a member of the sexy group, Masculados Dos.
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