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It’s pageant season and one of the “pageant boyfriends” in focus is actor Jason Abalos. He did some underwear photos a decade ago, and he doesn’t seem to age. Jason’s maybe late 30s now, or 40s, but hotter than most of the upstarts. Is he up for round two of the underwear endorsements?


It means The One That Got Away, silly!  Whether it refers to Ivan, Jason, Dennis or Renz, it is up to the viewer of the prime time show in GMA. There is always someone for everyone, and choices may vary. Every boy looks good, though. I can’t decide.

Scandal Squad

scandal squad

Oh gawd, with the terrible exception of Ian Veneracion and that boxer guy, these boys seem to be having a reunion on the basketball court somewhere in Batangas! I got this from the mail, so kudos to memechi1089 for taking time out to point this to me, us. The boys are undermanned so maybe we can recommend some recruits.



JasonASomehow he’s rewarded with the youthful gene: Jason Abalos never seems to age! In 2004, he was a newbie 23-year-old in the big city, reviewing for the Civil Engineering exams when he was spotted in a jeep and offered a chance to be a “model.”  His then manager entered his name in the Circle of 10 contest, and of course, he won.  The year after, he joined Star Circle Quest 2 and put his age at 18 because, well, younger is better.  These days, he’s a “20-something” actor for ABS-CBN and he looks it!

Sunday miscellany

JasonSuddenly he’s relevant again. Jason Abalos may have had his brush with oblivion and bit-playerness, but he’s not going down just yet. He’s the newest prime time lead actor with the success of his Two Wives soap in ABS-CBN. The thirty-something ex-underwear model and award-winning actor is showing us lately what he’s got, and he’s one heck of a man now!

BrodieThe tattooed guy in that Speedo group has a name! He is Canadian model and fitness guru Brodie Nero! Although the 6’2″-tall hunk has only been here for a short period of time, he has already appeared in major fashion shows and magazine editorials.

JheemOf course, you know him! A day without a bikini boy in various statse of sleaze is like a day without the, uh, sun. Well, at least in this site. Jheem Kazumi is back, making the prissy squirm in dem pants and the adventurous ones, giggle with delight.

Phone Cam Pics

Here we go again. Guys with iPhones (or Android phones). 
These are the boys who take pictures of themselves shirtless.
Most are famous in their own showbiz way. Except one notorious anonymous guy who loves
the naked selfie too much. 
Selfie regular Ahron Villena

Vastly improving Albie Casino
Underwear model Enzo Pineda

Hunky moreno Fred Payawan
Lanky ex-underwear model Jason Abalos

Leading man John Lloyd Cruz

Gaunt Joseph Marco

Diminutive Rocco Nacino

TV comic and ex-model Zanjoe Marudo

Don’t mind the skewed tiles and impossible waistline, 
the notorious yet anonymous guy is a hottie anyways.

Metro Body: Jason

And lastly, we have Jason Abalos doing that bag-over-privates thing for the Body Issue of Metro magazine. Incidentally, Jason celebrated his birthday a couple of days ago. Don’t ask me if he’s in his late 30s, though. The thing is, he still looks awfully sexy!


For throwback day, actor Jason Abalos makes an appearance. This was taken when he was still starting out as an underwear model. Cute and boyish despite his age, Jason was an endorser for Cotton Club for years before turning over the reins to Victor Basa.


Boyish-at-thirtyish actor and ex-underwear-model Jason Abalos is busy on television again. He’s in the Filipino remake of the popular Mexican telenovela Maria Mercedes. Jason is playing the role of Clavio, the childhood friend of the lead skank.  Expect to see more shirtless scenes of the guy in the series.

Boyish at Thirtyish

And Sunday we get hot actor and underwear model Jason Abalos, who is getting better and sexier every day. His new set of photos for Cotton Club underwear reveals a hotter and leaner Jason. When he’s not doing indie flicks, Jason plays leading man in the afternoon soaps of his network.

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