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The Brothers del Rosario

Who’s hotter? Who’s cuter? Will you go for 30-year-old Azkals main man Anton del Rosario, who was a bit daring during the 2012 Cosmo Bachelor Bash when he mooned the audience? Or the 20-year-old up-and-coming model Niko del Rosario, who can only go shirtless for now in fashion shows and shoots? I’ll take both chinitos, if you ask me.


It’s Alex Anselmuccio back stage at the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash held recently. The Filipino-Italian   made famous by his circumcision on-air on national tv inside the Big Brother House, is now looking hunkier than ever. He also did the Bench Universe show this month in his tighty whities. 


So you see, Enchong Dee‘s not that twinky after all. For starters, he has a nice swimmer’s bod. Nice legs. And nice arms. Well, as for the bulge down there, in contrast to your panty-liner jokes, he has his anatomy intact as shown in the picture. So there.

Pool Boys

Hot scene: two boys by the pool, under the hot summery sunshine of the midday hours. What will happen next?  Our models for today are fly-in guys Pedro Mologni [left] and Diego Furoni.  These Brazilian hotties are in town to do work mostly for SM Department Store. They are also featured mods in the Philippine Fashion Week series.


This hunky model’s been very visible lately. His name is John Daryl Rose, and he’s been in the industry for quite some time.  In 2004, he was a sweet 18-year-old lad in the MTV Fashionista Model Search [won by Rocky Salumbides].  Then he represented the F-a-t Department at the 2007 Cosmo Bash [proof].  Now, he’s lean and fit and raking ’em in!


Nearly-nekkid Brazilian in our midst is model Zaydan Timpani. He’s one of the favorite mannequins of SM Department Store [I wish SM would feature underwear models like him in its ads, bold and bulging].  When he’s not busy donning SM clothes, he’s out playing for Team Soccerroo in the UFL Cup 2012, with more famous teammates HideoDanielFabio and Jakey!


If all underwear models looked like this, I would {fill in the space}! Seriously, ex-actor Jiro Shirakawa looks hotter than ever. He’s still the underwear model for a direct-selling company [see new moose-knuckle photo] plus he can still do freelance for his former endorsements Bench Body and Mossimo underwear. 


Remember Filipino-Australian model Gerard Sison? After moving back to Oz, he’s back in town to do some modeling projects on the side plus surfing with the Brazilians. He’s still looking hot, of course.


Hot and hunky mod John Spainhour is really the man of the hour. More images from the Bench Universe show, by the way. Bear with me. John came out during the show in a knight’s chain link hood, wedding gift ribbons and tight cotton briefs. Of course, the much-awaited bulge came with the package.


New model Mauro Lumba is our shirtless guy for the day. The 6’3″-tall student at the University of Santo Tomas – College of Tourism and Hotel Management also tried his hands at acting, by appearing in ABS-CBN’s afternoon soaps.  In 2011, he was one of the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine hot bachelors, before his star turn as a half-naked athlete in the C2 Green Tea tv commercial.
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