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This is Maverick Kelvin Mangilit, a 6’2″-tall model who made an appearance at the recent Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine Bachelor Bash.  Aside from doing the runways, this cute mod is a licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer. [Whaddya think, is he a grower or not?]


His looks may have changed a bit. Thinner, perhaps. More hair a la The Biebs. He’s still hot, though. Johan Santos may not be that busy on tv these days, but he sure has his hands full with theatrical plays. Twenty-five-year-old Johan was a former Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine bachelor – circa 2010.  

Sucker Punch

Ok, one more from the Bench Universe show and it’s hot, hot newbie Pancho Magno. If you can blow up the picture, you might just be able to trace the size and shape of his manhood [yes, people still use that term!].  

Plus, he has nice, round buttocks, too! Momma would have been proud!


The subliminal message is: Can we just stay home and wrestle in bed with my raging, well not exactly raging but tireless and unflagging penile erection? New model Vince Ferraren sure knew how to work the crowd with his hot bod, good looks and wrestling singlet at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012.  

From Behind

 Dear Jakey, This is how you do butt exposure. The model’s name is Tierry Vilson, a Brazilian.
 Round perfect cheeks. Spot clean. Well, except maybe for the occasional redness from sitting down.
Those plump buns look like they just came from their own work out.
Here’s the side view. If you want to take a lesson in hugeness, too.
Do that, and the trolls will die with glee. After taking your pictures from behind.


Oh, it’s little boy JM de Guzman! He’s one of the Cosmo centerfolds this year and he’s shedding off some clothes. During the Cosmo bash, he did that puppy-dog eyes shtick much to the delight of the wild crowd that night. One of the more popular actors of his station, JM is adorable.


On the occasion of a happy episode in his life, I am presenting singer Kris Lawrence. These images were taken by Code Homme my photographer at the Bench Universe show where Mr. Cadevida was the most unique walker on stage – short, confident, and happy to represent the simian order.

Markki Marked

At the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash last night, one of the standouts was pretty boy singer Markki Strøm who revealed for a few seconds what could be his high and low notes. Of course, the 24-year-old and 5’11”-tall crooner elicited the most shrieks and shouts last night with the big reveal. Hot, really!


Last night’s Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2012 party was rising star Alden Richards‘s debutante ball! He was one of the main dishes in the annual boy-party, and he is hot – baby fat and all! Alden is getting noticed really fast. Maybe soon he’ll be doing the hot-bod-in-a-speedo bit?

Gorgeous Benjamin

And then we have cute actor Benjamin Alves in the Bench show. He’s smokin’ in those tight little briefs. Plus he’s bulging in all the right places. He may not have the Greek God physique of the fly-in models that night, but I love my Benjamin just fine – plump buttocks, sturdy legs, and all.
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