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One, Too

Not to be outdone by the upstarts, Bench Body resident exhibitionist Jake Cuenca is giving his best shot for the underwear company’s season sleazefest called Bench Summer Break 2013. His notable spot in Bench’s ad campaigns reestablishes his prime position in the [under]clothing company. Sexy or not?

Mena Model

It does’t matter if it’s 6-, 3- or 12 o’clock, right? What matters is that the penis line’s visible, clear as crystal.  This is Taiwanese-Spanish model Gonzalo Mena who was a Bench underwear model. He once walked the runways in gauzy fabrics, to the delight of VPL watchers out there. 

Mr. Big

And the biggest of ’em all is Portuguese model Tierry Vilson! If he’s on the Bench Summer Break 2013 campaign, he’d be outsizing them all.  In any case, here’s a shot of Tierry in all his six o’clock glory, proving to everyone that he’s too big for his britches. Literally, of course.

Ben 10

If there’s an Enzo post, a Benjamin feature can’t be too far behind. It seems he’s working the big bulge image, too. Benjamin’s mighty proud in his teenie weenie pair of Bench Body briefs for the company’s summer campaign. 

Monday VPL

Oh, you’ll love this. Enzo Pineda is teasing us once again in his turn for Bench Summer Break 2013! It looks like the GMA actor went all out in his sexy shoot for the underwear brand’s ad campaign for the season. Enzo’s turning up the heat this summer with his latest shoot, what with the bonus VPL shot! 

Big Boy Summer

One of the Semerads. Yeah, nothing much. Tall and handsome and sexy and with a freakin’ huge bulge in front. This is  one of Bench Body‘s best images for their summer campaign, Bench Summer Break 2013. Now, is this at par with the iconic Neil Etheridge poster two years ago? What do you think?


So how do I begin with an Enchong Dee post? I can say – He’s so charming and cute. When he takes his shirt off and drops his pants, he goes into sexy mode.  Enchong remains as one of the favorite boys of ABS-CBN in its soaps and shows. He also continues to be one of the lead celebrity endorsers for the local clothing line, Bench.


How hard can Matteo Guidicelli get? Is he big, like a mortadella? I’m wondering because ever since he got into sports – all that running, biking and swimming, he just got hotter.  The 23-year-old ex-karter and ABS-CBN actor has been getting good breaks lately on tv and the movies. Now, if only he would do underwear modeling again.

Summer Break

Summer is here! Or so Bench Body says. And the first guy out of the underwear company’s sexy mill for its Summer Break 2013 campaign is model most-ubiquitous Vince Ferraren. We don’t see any VPL, but what the heck, he’s still smokin’ in that hawt bod! 

Every Hour Here

Here! Another picture of hottie John Spainhour for Bench Body. Of course, he’s all over the Bench universe in size-under skivvies so tiny, you can almost see the shape and form of his genitals. And then again, we’re just glad the underwear’s kinda gauzy and flimsy, too.
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