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Three years ago, Jome Silayan was being touted as the new it-boy in showbiz. That time Jome was a virtual unknown, a student modeling part-time. The first post on him generated some buzz, more on the who’s-that-interesting-boy queries. Fast forward a few years later and he snagged top media exposures, in Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine and Bench ads and billboards to name a few. He’s also a bit player on tv now. Although his fame didn’t reach greater heights, the 5’10”-tall hunk is here to stay in showbiz.  


Isn’t this hawt? Jakey shirtless and sweaty in some baking hot back room, ready to be fellated. It would be nice, very nice to find Jake Cuenca in that room as he drops his multicolored Bench Body briefs.  I wouldn’t mind the scents, the smell in that cramped space, as long as he has a little [or big] something going for me.  Happy Monday everyone!


You know those perfume ads with nekkid persons in them? Well, this ad is one of them . I think Bench launched a cologne or scent and got the butt guy from Bench Universe to model.  The Portuguese mod is surely sexing up the cologne with his provocative poses.

New Bikini Boy

The cute newbie’s name is Richard Reyes and he’s starting out in the bikini open competitions this early. He reminds me of a fair and young Alfred Vargas. There’s so much promise with this one, maybe he’s the new it-boy in the bikini open circuit this year. Any more info on this guy?


I was referring to the cheeks. Plump cheeks down there. Model Miko Raval has a lean muscular body just like any male mannequin or fitness guy. Miko’s also a former basketball player as he played for the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons [with another hot mod Benj Bolivar]. This year, he will be seen in ABS-CBN programs as he signed up for the talent center of the station.


Maybe he’s a grower, this Vince Ferraren top model guy. I would like to believe so, considering he is 6’2″ tall and handsome in some ways with a hot body to boot. It would be such a shame if he somewhat  falls far short of, uh, our expectations. Really.

New Bench Body Model

And the newest Bench Body model is….international mannequin with Filipino roots, Paolo Roldan! The 6’2″-tall model from Toronto, Canada will be appearing for the summer collection of the local underwear brand. Paolo shot to fame via Givenchy’s Coup de Foudre ad [link] in the June 2010 issue of Vogue Paris, where he did a full frontal pose. Hopefully, he’ll do just that for Bench. 

King Candy

Isn’t he a cutie? His name is Randy Cailles and he’s an up-and-coming model. Randy went to St. Jude Catholic School [he played varsity hoops] for high school, and then took up Legal Management at the Ateneo de Manila University. Just recently, the 21-year-old newbie competed in the Supermodel Philippines search, where he landed as one of the semi-finalists.  The future’s looking bright for Randy!


In modeling, having a muscular and lean physique is not enough. Of course, height matters. An interesting face with strong features helps a lot. But the one thing that spells success in the field must be the connections. The proper acquaintance or sponsor is the prime link to ascendancy in the business. In photo above is the new Mark Angelo Lopez, erstwhile Lakan ng Bulacan 2010 and bikini open veteran.

This is how he looked two years ago, pre- expensive gym and supplements. Of course, he had so much promise then, after being plucked from oblivion in Bustos, Bulacan. Watch out for his younger and hotter brother, who’s starting out on the bikini open path, too.
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