Ahh, young love. Actor Martin del Rosario is getting to be a publicist’s nightmare. Despite cautionary words from well-meaning managers and friends to dissociate himself from the company of his friend – you know, the one long-rumored to be his first and only love – the young actor flew in to Boracay during the holidays to be within the 5-meter radius of his friend who checked into the island days before.  How’s that for, uh, doggedness?


Today we get a serving of this hunky Brazilian.

Model Bruno Alves has done major tv commercials, runway shows and fashion editorials in Manila before.  Before he made waves for his fashion stint here, he went around Asia for modelling work.  The 27-year-old hunk is from Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.  

Paolo Loves Us

Model and one-time reality tv contestant Paolo Gonzalez has come out ….

…… to support same-sex marriage publicly by changing his Facebook profile page to the viral “pink equal sign.”  If you were under a rock the past few days, the “pink equal sign” campaign was launched by supporters of marriage equality in the United States as its Supreme Court debates the issue of same-sex marriage. The visual meme is being used not only by the gay community but also straight friends and families supporting the equality movement.


Although he’s been modeling for less than a year, hottie Randy Cailles has already appeared in major fashion shows around town. Perhaps designers and agents are finally appreciating these Catholic school boys who are suddenly plunging into the heady world of modeling. Dandy Randy is definitely here to stay in the biz!

So Hirsute

He’s back. Shirtless for the summer, natch! In a magazine interview, the 20-year-old up-and-coming actor in ABS-CBN, Martin del Rosario revealed that he’s 40% Spanish and 60% Filipino [just go figure how he arrived at that ethnicomputation]. He also said that while he has the option to live in Spain, he’d much rather stay here where he’s happiest. Of course, we know that already.