New Breed

Intriguingly sexy after some brief appearance on national tv is Luis Manzano‘s barely legal brother, Enzo Manzano. The 6’2″-tall cutie is making heads turn as he makes his presence felt in showbiz. Will he be taking the plunge anytime soon? I wouldn’t mind another Manzano in the biz, as long as he’s always half naked, if you ask me.


Who is Albert Guinto? He is that rich model guy who joined bikini contests in the past. I said rich because he owns a resort down South and an art gallery in the metro, plus new cars and the latest gizmos and gadgets. After his name was linked to smooth and flawless model Athan Collado, subsequently with actor and underwear model Ahron Villena, he’s now being tied up with the other half of the famous PaoKen duo. What gives?

On The Occasion of Aljur’s ‘Macho Dancing’

Dear Aljur, Consider this as tutorial in the art of macho dancing in Manila. While we generally appreciate your efforts to portray a male prostitute bump and grinding his way on prime time tv, we feel that your dancing and clothes and ways are not enough. Something’s not quite right, to tell you bluntly. So here’s a pictorial guide on how it is supposed to be carried out. 

You can cover your self with blue body paint. And sway with your arms, legs sideways.
Or maybe gold body paint! 

If you’re too shy, you can cover your mug with a nice mask. Take note of the smooth moves. Pop and lock.
As for the costume, you can put on some fancy headdress. Maybe a cape, too. Just remember to be sexy at all times.
Or perhaps dress up in tribal gear, e.g. feathers and synthetic animal prints.
An Egyptian pharaoh would do. Just don’t be too generous with the eye makeup.
How about French-artist-dancing? One word: beret. Of course, you’ll have to take everything off at the end of the song.
An intricate body art will be amusing. Careful with the red paint, though.

 If you’re gunning for shock factor, never ever use a chicken on stage. Blood and gore. Nasty.

 Candles will do just fine. Just not on the head. Down there.
So, you see Aljur, it’s that simple. It’s the shimmy with the step, sway and swing. Do it erotically. And till-blue-in-the-face remember, always stick your penis out because if all else fails, you have to dazzle them with dick!

Love, RD

GMA Dancers

First, it was Dennis Trillo in some prime time soap. Then JC De Vera tried the exotic dancing bit. And this Saturday on Magpakailanman, Aljur Abrenica is portraying a male prostitute and dancer, too!

Of course, you all know by now that our reluctant exhibitionist will play the life of bold actor Kris King on tv.  And there will be a lot of dancing with some skin.

Who could be next on the GMA mill of actors bump and grinding?

I think it will be Enzo Pineda. And I’m hoping he’ll insist on his VPL shots.

Aljur is King

Mark your calendars girls and girls: 8:30 p.m. Saturday, 27 April 2013 on GMA’s Magpakailanman series. Aljur is going sexy [a bit] by portraying the life of indie films’ resident provocateur Kris King. Of course, this is prime time television and we won’t be seeing Aljur’s penis the way King lavishly did in real, er, reel life. Just watch. Aljur has a story to tell.