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Beach Hunk

Oh when will we see Hideo do that thing again for Folded & Hung? That underwear schtick he did a few years ago for the local clothing and undergarments brand.  The hunky Brazilian has been very modest lately in his fashion shoots and editorials. Everyone’s waiting, of course, when he’ll strip down to his skivvies and show off his fine bod. And bulge!


What’s happening Jakey? Why are you out of shape on top of a jeep in a rural area?

Moose Knuckle

Have you seen Luis Manzano‘s mangina pic?  A little enhancement of a candid pic and voila! Moose knuckle! For those unfamiliar with the term, a moose knuckle is the male version of the camel toe – the testicles and the penis form two bulges on opposite sides of the seam that resemble the hoof or knuckles of a moose. You’ve seen his butt, now feast on the balls!


This is the The-Fuck-My-Manager-Made-Me-Wear-In-A-Bikini-Contest post. The guy’s cute, though. With the bonus pack down there. He’s Tim Schnieder, a regular bikini open contestant from Angeles City, which explains the German surname.

Scuderia Ferraren

Heck yeah! One more picture of a sexy shirtless Vince Ferraren and we’re good to go. Somehow, model-of-the-moment never fails to excite in his come-hither poses. Right now, he’s one of the favorites in the Bench stable. Skimpy underwear, next!

In Town. Again.

Brazilian model Luciano Stranghetti hopped into town most recently to show us how it is done. Pointing the penis in the downward direction for underwear modelling. Plus, he had a gala show for Avon Philippines where he is the resident and catalog model for its men’s line.

A Semerad

A sexy  shirtless Semerad. I don’t know which one, but they look identical, so it doesn’t matter if it’s Anthony or David. Did you know that Semerad actually means “swift person” in Czech? But I’d like to think – with these hottie twins – that it sounds like “semen rod.”

Mac and Fizz

He’s been very visible lately after his Manhunt win. Surely, his status as a male mod in the metro has been upped a bit.  But what are the other options now for Junemac, when all the hoopla has died down? Showbiz perhaps? Full-frontal-nekkid-glory showbiz?


Quick! The new Bench Body favorite models are here: Vince Ferraren and Sam Ajdanii. Who’s your bet? The taller one or the brooding one?  Choose!


Before Bench Body can manipulate the image into glossy photoshopness, here’s model-of-the-hour Sam Ajdanii for the local brand’s back-to-school [wear this, only this] campaign.  Is it just me or does he look older than his published age [23]?  Anyhow, I’m not complaining now: well-toned bod, tiny cheap-ass undies, and erect dick! Looks good, if you ask me.
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