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Star Turn

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Happy Monday everyone! Today is all about cuteness and sexy stuff. JM Martinez is an indie actor who has done quite a number of flesh-baring films in the past. Of course, he’s ready for his close-up for his entry into mainstream showbiz. Isn’t he a cutie?

Winner as Sin


You all guessed it right, the runway runaway winner of the BodyShots 2014 modelling competition. Christopher “Sin” Matecki originally from the Land Down Under came out on top of the good-looking heap as the main man in the contest. Totally deserved it, right?

canizares copy

Top model and tat enthusiast Vince Canizares’s paean to summer.


L1420904 copy

Isn’t he the cutest bikini open contestant ever? That crooked naughty smile, actually. It helps that AJ Cruz has a smokin’ hot body, too. During the bikini open season, the 22-year-old hottie goes around the metro and the provinces in his tiny-tight skivvies. When he’s not busy competing, AJ’s one of the featured Bikini Boys on Saturday nights in the dance club, Bed.


Archie copy

Speaking of BodyShots modelling competition, it would be swell for contestant Archie Severino to go home with the top prize. Imagine some hairy dude headlining the runway shows in all his nakedness. Well, not maybe naked, but skimpily-clad like this one in the photo. With lots of hair down there! Sexy, eh? To Bush Power!



What to wear at the shooting range: electronic earmuffs, polycarbonate eyewear for precision shooting, neoprene shooting gloves, fully adjustable drop-leg thigh holster with quick-release belt mount. And tiny black ‘kinis. Superb! Showing us true OATSR [outfit at the shooting range] is bikini open veteran Stephen Dorschner.

Dear Derrick


You grew up too fast. How old are you now? 18, 19? Your hormones went on a roaring rampage. And then again we’re not complaining. It means we, the hungry-for-fresh-faces-and-bods lot, will get to see more of your semi-naked torso for promotional shoots and endorsements of the sexy variety. Who knows, Bench Body might notice you, too?


Fresh: The Aytona brothers – Marco and Mico.

Hottie Agassi



It’s pretty amazing how Carlos Agassi has maintained his hot bod for years. It is all about discipline and hard work, of course. It helps that he has a handsome mug, too.  Here, he celebrates the end of summer by dipping in the pool and showing us a piece of heaven. Just a bit.

Christopher and His Kind

christopher copy

While we’re on the BodyShots competition topic, consider Christopher Matecki, a 6′-tall newcomer in the modelling biz. He has a handsome mug, more on the rough-and-tumble mature kind but sexy nonetheless. Body is crazy, and well, there could be some bulge down there.

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