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sol2Orlando Sol likes to give.

A lovely pair


It looks like there is discussion going on here. So I am putting this on the front page for a while. It’s just that I thought this would be a good human interest story about a local Manila model and a one-time Manila fly-in model tying the knot in NYC. A lovely pair.


Sammy brings good tidings!

Style: "CC+20Sat-10"Who’s Carlos Concepcion, you ask? This is Carlos Concepcion, naked and proud!

solOrlando Sol is dropping the towel….

Christmas in the air

IMG_3805It’s the eve of Christmas! Here’s hoping that all greeting cards have all been sent because the Christmas rush is through. But if you still have one more wish to make, well… what could it be? Two boys – Justine and Albert –  in shiny ‘kinis and a partridge in a pear tree, perhaps?

JCMore of cute bikini guy JC Domincel!

Kirstey’s Alley

KirstMaybe we should do a was-is story once in a while. Like boys from sleazy beginnings to successful endings.  Like Kirstey Viray who used to dance nearly-nekkid in small bars for dimes as prize money. He’s now a runway model, leaving his sordid past behind for better opportunities in the big city.


Carlos Concepcion’s ex-, Mondy has since moved on. Is happy now.

Allen’s fleshy round buttocks

allen butt copyOhh, don’t you wish you can pinch Allen Molina‘s big and soft buttocks? I can do more with those twins, actually! Allen should, uh, well maybe think about insuring his primary assets these days.

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