Monthly Archives: August 2017

Post-workout Matsunaga

Hail, hail the gang’s all here! The Philippine water polo team

Gone Fishing

These two resident shirtless boys of ABS-CBN are not at all threatened by the half-naked entry of Aljur into the studio system. In fact, Vin and Joseph went on a leisurely trip to the murky river to catch dead fish. You know, take their minds off the competition, hatch an evil plan and show off the washboard abs in the process. I’m not asking who’s better, this time.

Rich rascal rod

The hotter Mata twin

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wanking wall, who’s the biggest, longest of them all? Heck, it’s the long weekend and I’ll leave you with the very NSFW post, you view them in the comforts of your musky rooms. You get three dicks, as if you’ll ever be sated, to distract you from all the three-day madness of idleness.  So, which one?

Rising (basketball) star Cole Micek

Man of the Year – Phils rep Issa Janda

James basks in the sun

Hideo or George?

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