Happy New Year!

Gelo Guevarra and Kaisan Lopez
Jake Santos and Gabriel Fajardo

Off to spend the 2008 countdown somewhere without the noise and smoke, and without internet [dial-up, DSL, wireless], I am leaving you guys with four boys – not dick-a-day stuff but good enough to share. Gelo Guevarra was a Yuletide boy, posted before, with balls hanging. Twinkie Kaisan Lopez got enough exposure too in previous posts. Of course, Gabriel Fajardo went leopard-print and everyone turned apeshit. And newbie Jake Santos, with fresh photos uploaded soon, is a 19-year-old student. See you all next year! Happy New Year!

Onemig Bondoc is a hot papa!

I was watching tv earlier, and was surprised to hear that erstwhile teen idol and inactive actor Onemig Bondoc is now a father to a 6-month-old girl. The mother of the baby is Valerie Bariou, a French-Filipina freelance model who has done several TV commercial and print ads. According to the report, the baby was born in France and the couple [not yet married, though] stayed there for two months after the birth, before flying back to Manila where Onemig’s businesses are located. Sorely missed on tv and the big screen, the baby-faced actor [who is 30 years old] is now a full-fledged hot dad!

More Dexter Castro

The Saturday before Christmas, Dexter Castro ,together with the male actors in their new video Erotika M2M 2 [The Art of Striptease and Sensual Dancing], made an appearance at Bed Bar in Malate to promote the video. Easily the most popular in his group [judging from the shouts and cheers whenever he comes out on stage], the baby-faced hottie took time out from a movie shoot that night to ask the gay crowd to buy his new video.

“Tirador” wins international award

Brillante Mendoza’s Tirador [Slingshot] won last 15 December the Jury Prize at the 7th Marrakech International Film Festival in Morocco. Jury head Milos Forman, two-time Oscar-winning director of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Amadeus,” presented the award to Mendoza. The movie which stars Coco Martin [in photo], is the story of a group of petty thieves who operate in the busy streets of Quiapo to survive. According to CenterStage Productions, the producer of Tirador, the movie has also sealed a video distribution deal with the French company Swift Distributions, which would bring Tirador to France, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Denver Olivarez stripped of title!

Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 Denver Olivarez has recently been stripped of his title. Reports have it that the 22-year-old former Ateneo law student was dethroned by organizers of the Ginoong Pilipinas apparently for Denver’s behavioral and personal issues. The organizers felt that he has been uncooperative with regard to his responsibilities as Ginoong Pilipinas. It looks like the wayward Denver has been getting a lot of bad press lately. After failing to inch into the top 5 of the Mister Philippines 2007 contest, he dropped out of law school [some scoop he was kicked out of the Ateneo Law School] and set out to pursue a modeling and acting career. So far, his dreams of being an actor/model are in the freezer locker.

Rafael Rosell for Bench Body [again]

Rounding up the cast of Bench Body’s new ads ala 300 is Rafael Rosell, the underwear company’s go-to hunk for its tight undergarments commercials. He seems to be at ease without clothes on as he is so proud displaying his bod in billboards and adverts. He had all the right to do so, natch! Incidentally, Rafael Rosell was also the featured guy on Men’s Health [Philippines] magazine a month ago, in the same 300 theme – dark, windy and melancholic. And lusty, of course.