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Fridays with King

Darn it’s a Friday again! Payday Friday. Heavy traffic, people splurging, midnight sale, loong weekend. Whatever you are doing this Friday, just remember, there’s still the long weekend [Monday is a holiday here in the islands] so save your energy and money!  And the guy in the photo above, the one with the funny earrings and comfortless oyster necklace, is King Cortez. Talk about segue. Darn.

Cute twink!

His name is Jed Rivera, one of the finalists in the recently-concluded Bed Bodies bikini contest sponsored by the happening gay bar, Bed in Malate District.  Prior to going mainstream, he was known as Jed de Vera, one of the favorite boy candidates in Lips Bar.  And of course, the very revealing set of photos [e.g. see-through thongs] in the little bar that could will be posted soon…

Ryan Eigenmann struts his stuff

Ryan Eigenmann also made it, albeit reluctantly, as a model for Bench in the recent Blackout show.  The actor, active in the indie circuit [recently seen as the male lead in the Cinemalaya 2008 entry 100]  and as the perennial villain on tv, walked on stage in his size-under skivvies. It was a cute sight as he didn’t have much of the typical male [underwear] model’s body.  Just the same, Ryan Eigenmann was naturally sexy that night.

Mimoy v. Trey

It is such pleasure to see these two young-looking and well-built guys. Michael “MM” Millendez or Mimoy [left] and Trey Acuna were contestants in last summer’s Subic Beach Bodies competition. Who’s hotter and better? Is it Mimoy, the bald one with the sexy Ilonggo accent? Or Trey, the younger one with the big, bold Caviteño accent?

“I slept with Mr. Hall.”

That would be the topic for the day. You can post your experience with Jon Hall– seen again in the latest Bench show after a long period of hibernation – in the comments page. You may discuss the shades of pink [from carmine to thulian pink] that best describe his member. Or maybe how he behaves in bed [does he snore big time?]. Or maybe how hard and tough his, uh, knuckles were when he was pounding you. This would be fun.

Will strip for fame.

Will Sandejas of Sikil was one of the featured indie actors in the latest issue of Climax magazine. And he had revealing shots in there. Very. Like shaft, balls and stuff. Will Sandejas could very well package himself as a sexy singer [he was a Pinoy Idol semifinalist] or a very daring indie actor. Just the same, go buy the latest issue of Climax to see Will in all his glory. Sans the glans, of course.

Relax, it’s a Monday!

Monday Monday/So good to me./ Monday Monday/ It was all I hoped it would be/Oh, Monday morning, Monday morning couldn’t guarantee/ That Monday evening, you would still be here with me. Those are some lines from Monday Monday by The Mamas and the Papas. It’s the first day of the week. Be happy! There are lots of reasons to be in high spirits. There will be a long weekend coming.  Payday on Friday. 80’s music on Mondays at Fiama!  The Olympics live on tv.  Dates lined up this week.  And Bernard Jason Saguinsin is back!

Flaw. Less.

Although models and actors are expected to be physically perfect, or at least perceived to be flawless, the hard fact is – they are just humans after all, with those little flaws and imperfections.  So if you look closely at Rafael Rosell‘s body in the photo above, or maybe Jake Cuenca‘s infamous butt [Jake fanatics are blindly denying, as they argue that the camera had imperfections. Funny.], you would see the  lines, spots, and scars that make them humans after all.  And nobody’s perfect.  The incredibly handsome-and-great-bod trick that you got last weekend probably had halitosis, undescended testicles, organic smell in his pubic area, athlete’s foot, jock itch or a tiny weiner.  And then again, a puny pee-pee would have to be another story.

Sam Milby danced half-naked..

..a week ago, in the Sunday noontime show, ASAP.  I rarely watch tv, and when I turned it on last week, there came images of Mr. Milby dancing half-naked on screen.  And then, he had this big trampoline in the studio where he did attempts at double and triple Axels. I nearly forgot, he used to be a figure skater. It was hot, but I was not expecting he’d do that.  

Mark Sherwin redux

Sunday is beginning to be one of my favorite days of the week. Unlike before, when I used to dread that Sunday-bluesy feeling [because of manic Mondays], I now look forward to this day, which happens to be the day most races are scheduled in the metro.  I finished this morning the 10k Feati Run, with a PR of under-55.  Which made me happy. By the way,  that’s Sherwin Mark Cortez again, who’s not actually telling us that the writing’s on the wall. In fact, he is a fresh-faced teener, who looks like a harbinger of good lot and luck.  
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