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He’s seen almost daily on national tv where he plays a major role in an afternoon soap. Orlando Sol may not be a big star star yet but he’s seen in Little Star on GMA-7 as a support to the lead actor. He gets maximum exposure, of course. His pal Ozu Ong wore briefs on the show, will Orlando Sol follow suit and expose his tight cheeks soon, too? UPH took the photos above.


From Folded and Hung to Ego Jeans, actor Joem Bascon switches his endorsement and he still looks hot! The PR, reproduced exactly, goes – One of today’s top TV and movie actors and certified hunk Joem Bascon is the face of Ego Jeans’ Denim REMASTERED line. Joem fits the collection’s image to a T with his captivating personality and incredible talent that have made him one of the most bankable stars of his generation. For Joem, Ego Jeans embodies his personality: rugged and intense yet evoking a certain playfulness; calculated yet exuding an air of effortless cool. As the new Ego Guy, Joem is proud to represent a brand that inspires men to be themselves and show off their sexy, fashionable side. Just like Joem Bascon, bare your EGO and express yourself through fashion with Ego Jeans’ Denim REMASTERED line. Ego Jeans’s Denim REMASTERED collection is now available in all leading department stores nationwide.


Since I’m off on a long trip today and I might not be able to put up some posts tomorrow, I’m leaving you first an image of Joross Gamboa. Don’t comment about his two front teeth, his soft hairs between his legs, or maybe the bushy spots under his arms. Don’t disparage his body – the abs, the arms, the strong young legs. Joross Gamboa has grown up to be a fine young man and his career’s on the rise again after that physical transformation. Also, I can’t believe I wrote this post two years ago.


No, it’s not the title of Aljur‘s first gay indie flick. L2L stands for Luv 2 Laff, a “comedy concert” featuring Aljur in his white and gauzy bikini while singing provocatively on stage. I wish. Catch the young GMA-7 hunk together with a host of others on 20 November 2010 [Saturday] 10 p.m. at Zirkoh-Tomas Morato in Quezon City. For ticket inquiries, call 710.0352 or 0932 585.4640. Aljur will sing and dance. Tee-hee.

Audition 4

This week, the finalists of the first interactive virtual reality bikini pageant in the country will be revealed. Also, the details of the contest aptly called BIKINI TV: HOT HUNKS 2010, which is a project of this site together with Climax Films [Santuaryo, Bayaw], will be unveiled. It features ten [10] new boys in the skimpiest of dem ‘kinis! Bikini open vet Kenneth Paul Salva [in photo] auditioned for the competition. Find out soon if he made the cut.

Vintage Sunday

Hunky chunky exotic dancer Paul Guesande was the, uh, premier danseur during his era. He was de facto credited for the dance moves of current-time macho dancers in the gay bars, which moves involve more masculine and dynamic dance steps, a la Pop and Lock. Prior to that, the dancers in the bars were doing the slow seductive strip show, akin to slithering snakes or wriggling worms. He has since retired and went to be a fitness routine instructor. Distressingly missed, Paul Guesande has faded into the quiet life.

Daniel Soars

Check out this PR, they had me at “riveting” and “well-loved”: Viewers of the riveting drama series, Grazilda, will definitely be charmed with GMA’s resident hunk Daniel Matsunaga as he takes on a major role in the well-loved primetime bet on the Telebabad block. Daniel is the newest addition to the all-star cast of Grazilda as he plays the role of Kasmir, the cold-hearted prince turned amorous lover of Grazilda. His character will not only spice up the adventures of Grazilda in Fantasia but also add excitement in her journeys in the real world. Daniel has been flying high on Philippine showbiz as one of today’s hottest leading men. With his smoldering hot looks, disarming smile and boyish appeal, his stint in Grazilda will further cement his popularity among Filipinos and make his female fans and admirers swoon over him even more. Grazilda airs weeknights right after Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown on GMA Telebabad.

Audition 3

Cute twink Kenji Garci also auditioned for the site’s new project with Climax Films – BIKINI TV: HOT HUNKS 2010, the first interactive virtual reality bikini pageant in the country. Kenji is wearing the lucky bikini previously worn by Gino Quintana and Gamac Mendoza. Did he make it in the contest?


Speaking of runway models, here’s James Zablan – proof-positive that male mods in this country really rake in the dough just by appearing on stage, in fancy and tacky clothes, even for D-list designers. The 30-year-old model and former FEU Tamaraws baller drives a new mid-size sport-utility vehicle [Toyota Fortuner]. He lives in One Serendra, a posh “garden condominium” in Bonifacio Global City. And he doesn’t hold a day job. So you see, tall young boys, modeling pays really, really well.


Question [and you can answer Mark Manicad]: Do underwear models immediately return the briefs and underthings that they used on the ramp and runway shows? Say for example, a very tight and close-fitting pair of jockeys used by Mark. He gets nervous and sweaty under the bright lights. And then the show’s over. Is he still required to hand back the t-back? If so, the designer re-sells it? Just wondering.
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