Misibis Bay Hunkarama

Tonight is the start of absfest evenings on TV5 as the prime time “sexy revenge drama series Misibis Bay set in the luxury island playground of the same name” premieres! The stars are sexy, delish boys with washboard abs.

Daniel Matsunaga plays the eldest brother, Andrew Cadiz. 
He is the most focused and business-minded among the three brothers.

Victor Silayan is the second son, Bernard Cadiz. 
He is “a roguish playboy,” who loves to party and have fun.  
He is at odds with his brothers.

Vin Abrenica is the youngest son, Charlie Cadiz. 
He is kind and mild-mannered. 
Luke Jickain plays Tommy, a hunky lifeguard

The Other Sam

Is Sam Milby still relevant these days? Is he past his prime? Sam’s in this new prime time soap of ABS-CBN called Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala [literally Just Don’t Go Missing On Me] and the real come-on is that he’s always half-naked in his scenes. Of course, we’re not complaining. 


What if Vin Abrenica had aesthetic surgery somewhere in his schnozzle [sample image above]? Would you lust after him this time? In the meantime, watch out for Aljur‘s little hunky brother as one of the lead actors in TV5’s latest 6-week prime time series, Misibis Bay. Set on the luxury island playground in Albay, Misibis Bay will definitely leave viewers in awe of its grand production, stellar cast and engaging story of a girl who dreams big amid all odds, to get what she deserves.  


Skinny is an inny at the Mister International – Philippines contest. Reed-thin former UE basketball player and Mr. Lapu Lapu City titleholder Gil Wagas romped off with the crown, beating 22 other good looking contestants.  Apparently he won because he nailed the Q & A portion. And then again  a beauty pageant is not rocket science.