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All In Molina

How would one describe Allen Ong Molina, the king of bikini contests the past couple of years? Let’s see..He is one hot dude with a hot bod and a hotter torso with impossible abs. One meaty, creamy goodness of his pure Royal Hunkness. Any takers?

Big and Tall

Long-limbed hunk Vince Ferraren is sporting a new look [right]. It’s something different from what we were used to: the adorable boy-next-door look. This time, he’s doing that porn star bit, with a naughty and wicked mug. Which Vince do you prefer?


For Flashback Friday, Dennis Trillo Now [left] contemplates on his showbiz past and realizes that Dennis Trillo Then was a blue-eyed unitard-wearing, bulge-showing, space-flying cadet on prime time tv. Of course, the guy’s always cute. And hot.

Fleshy Mike

A year ago,  Mike Tan accepted an underwear endorsement while he’s still, uh, sturdy and stout. How anyone can pull that off is one for the books and adorable Mike did just fine. These days, Mike is back to old form – lean and strong, as he goes shirtless on weeknights for his mermaid series.


James or Phil? The brothers Younghusband heat up the summer in their shirtless, wet-shorts states. Do you like the taller, older James? Or the more popular younger one, Phil?


One of the more popular underwear models this side of the earth is Australian-bred Filipino model Gerard Sison. He tried his hand in showbiz for quite some time, appearing in TV5 soaps and shows. When he’s not busy in Manila’s runways and studios, he’s off to the beach for some surfboarding.


Wasn’t it in a recently-aired morning show where Daniel Matsunaga revealed casually that he takes a shower once a week, Wednesdays perhaps? Or maybe I was just hearing things. Which got me thinking: Would anyone still want to sleep with this hot, hot chunk of a man, given that revelation? 


It turns out that the handsomest contestant in this year’s edition of the Century Tuna Superbods, Rendon Labador also has the bestest legs among the contestants. Of course, we all know how he takes care of his body by making the gym his home the past few years. And he never forgot about the legs. Vote for Rendon also in the Century Tuna web site.


Filipino-Iranian model Farzam Nasirian wants us to vote for his bff Filipino-Dutch Laurens Tolenaars in the Century Tuna Superbods 2014. For the love of Laurens, I guess we all should vote for the hot guy, all of 6’2″, lean and mean. They [Farzam says “we“] would appreciate it.

Boy in Bed

Doesn’t he look sexy in horizontal position? Inviting, come hither. Bikini open contestant Jheem Kazumi [yes, that’s his name, or how he wants his competition alias to be] could be the type of boy you want to wake up with in the morning. Half-naked, with morning wood, of course.
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